Chapter 2

A Sudden Invitation From the S Rank Party



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Uuun, I slept well


Kein woke up in his usual cheap hotel.


Yesterday was awesome


There were an extra 3 silver coins after all.

The request for herb gathering is also finished, so put it together, it became 4 silver coins.


He also got a boiled sauvage grass with a little bit salt along with some cold beer from his favorite tavern.

His acquaintances, a C rank party, seemed to be struggling when hunting a big bear.


While he was in the middle of celebrating, they give him a delicious grilled bear meat.

It really was a good time!


After drinking with tavern’s master till it was late, somehow the master was making a fuss about health.

Even though Kein ate a lot, he was glad he could pay for 1 silver coin and wolfberries.


Maybe today will be lucky too


He was planning to take a break today because he still had a lot of money, but he still had a lot of energy, this is because he hasn’t eaten that much meat in a long time.

At times like this, it will be best to work positively.


My goal is a detached house with a garden


Well, he will retire as an adventurer in around 10 years or so after all.

Kein thought about buying a small house before that happened.  


After that, maybe a wife or a child…… No no, it’s too much of a luxury for me


Yesterday, it’s been awhile for Kein to remembered about Altena who died 20 years ago, he thought that perhaps if she were still alive they will be live together and become a family.

He thought maybe he thought about it too much, even if his childhood friend lived together with him, it wouldn’t mean that they would be a couple in the end.


It’s been 20 years after all.

But it’s wasn’t like Kein was being faithful either.


However, he was already 35 years old, but Kein still didn’t have any experience with a girl. (Tn: now I know how old is he)(Ed: damn other world 9gagger)


Today, he went to the city’s adventurer guild and headed to the receptionist first.


Good morning. Elena-san


Elena Chain, she is the receptionist who was always in charge of Kein.

She is a charming woman who’d make anyone think it would be the best if she became their bride.


She has pink, fluffy, curly hair and blue eyes.

She also has very big breasts and wearing risky clothes that show her cleavage.


But still, she looked very neat, smart and elegant.

Aah, She also looks pretty today, thought Kein while ogling her.


Even though she was in her late twenties, she still looked younger.

He asked such beautiful receptionist, Elena-san about job recommendation today.


When he thought that it would be herb gathering again, Elena-san started talking about strange things.


Good morning Kein-san! Today I have a great news! You said you wanted a team party before right?

Yeah I did say that before


He didn’t expect that someone would want a man in mid-thirties and was also a D rank adventurer in their party.

Perhaps it was C rank party Bear Killer WarriorI met yesterday who invited me to their party!?


Kein thought so and rose from his chair and leaned forward.


It was from The Rose Maiden Blooming In The Heights, they request Kein-san to join them desu!(Tn: okay I open for suggestion… my naming sense suck. so go ahead and give me your suggestion in the comment. Here’s the raw  『高所に咲く薔薇乙女団』)

……No no, no no no no, no way!


Kein was disappointed, he sat down and waved his hand.

As a D rank adventurer, Kein only has the ability to hunt goblins.


Speaking of which, the reason he always went to Kuko mountain was because he also knew the herbs there better than other people.

Though, it’s only if he carries his botanical book.


There’s no way the strongest  S rank party in the whole world would go gather some herbs.


But it’s that famous sword princess’s party you know

It’s regretful but no. There’s no way such old man is going to joinThe Rose Maiden Blooming In The Heightsright?


When Elena heard it, she said Ehwith a question mark on her face.


Perhaps, you didn’t know about the rose maiden’s party?


Sometimes Kein-san looks confused about it, so Elena explained it in panic.

It’s the strongest S rank party with a sword princess, an innocent saint, and omnipotent witch in it, there’s was no way a man would refuse such favorable condition like that.


Well, It’s a very strong party with only 3 young teenage girls in it, right? It’ll be very weird right

Even so, why don’t you talking with them first?


Uuun. I’ll think about it, but perhaps there’s some kind of mistake. There’s a lot of people whose named is Kein after all


When Kein says so, the receptionist was laughing.


…… Yes, that’s right. With all due respect, I also thought there was a mistake in the document. But, as a guild receptionist, I need to introduced you if there’s an invitation request, so I’m sorry if it’s troubling you Kein-san

No no, please don’t apologize! it’s not Elena-san fault after all. Then, can I ask you the usual please?


Yes, the usual right?


Elena says so while giving the request with a lovely smile.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the herb gathering request was prepared exclusively for Kein.  


As there was no one who would take a1 Silver coin for a pile of herbs from Kuko mountainrequest other than Kein after all.


Well, I’m off then

Take care and have a good day. Please come back in the evening okay


Elena-san always sends me out like this.

It makes Kein felt a little embarrassed because they look like a married couple.


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