Chapter 3

Why didn’t he come!?


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Even if you say so, Kein-san said that he refused to join The Rose Maiden Blooming In the Heights』」


Elena, the receptionist was prostrating herself on the ground while being questioned by the sword princess, Anastrea.

Her valuable pink curly hair was pressed against the dirty floor.


At any rate, the opponent was not only an S ranked genius swordswoman, but also a prominent princess who is the daughter of the duke Almirion.

That sword princess was greatly angered by a mere commoner and receptionist, Elena.


Isn’t it because the way you invited him was bad?


Princess Anastrea-sama was irritated because she didn’t get what she wanted.

Even the sly fox receptionist Elena who was always dealing with rough adventurers was frightened by the influence of Anastrea.


After all, the opponent is the princess who has the right to inherit the throne.

Even if she didn’t swing the sword with her arms, if a mere commoner and receptionist were to be slightly rude to her, they may go to the prison for lese majeste.


Ah, maybe Kein has circumstances to take care of, right?


The one who said it and stopped the sword princess from slaying the receptionist Elena was one of the members of The Rose Maiden Blooming In The Heightsthe saint Sefilia.

The saint had long blonde hair that was shining brightly, and clear innocence blue eyes, even though she was wearing a thick robe, you could see her breast were bigger than the receptionist Elena.


It was surprising because Sefilia was still 13 years old, but contrasted with Anastrea who already 15 years old with a tiny breast. (Tn: I though Sefilia is still in her early twenty but looks like she is a loli kyonyuu) (ED:Plot thickens)

When the sword princess looked at Sefilia’s clear eyes, she had no choice except to lower her sword.


Circumstances huh……


If Kein refused it by his own will, then maybe he avoided me, thought Anastrea with a slightly dark face.

Even the other party has his own preferences.


Anastrea thought that maybe Kein preferred this sexy big breasted wench rather than a violent woman with tiny breasts.

A pink curly hair like Elena certainly will tickle man instinct rather than burning red hair like Anastrea.


Excuse me ojou-sama, but is it okay if I tell you my personal opinion as a guild receptionist !?


With her do or die spirit, the receptionist Elena say it respectfully to the violent princess.

She wanted to cry and thought why a high ranked royalty became an adventurer, but this was also part of the job after all.


What? Say it!

Kein always takes a herbs gathering request from the church in this city


A silver coin for herbs gathering right? That job clearly doesn’t pay. Did you seduce or deceive Kein into taking that job?

No, I did not desu. The orphanage of the church in this city has management difficulty, so they can’t afford more than that


When Sefilia, the saint who served the goddess Ordia heard about the bad condition of the church in this city, she leaked a surprised voice and only said Aaah……


Please think about it. The church in this town makes potions from herbs. If Kein stops bringing herbs, the church will go bankrupt and the orphans will be out in the street, and if they don’t make potions, the city will be in trouble!

Then, because of that Kein-sama is……


Actually, the town’s church should be saved by the innocent saint and daughter of the high priest, Sefilia.

And yet, her foolish self-wasn’t able to notice it.


Sefilia who has died once was able to live because Kein gave Resurrection Fruitto Anastrea.

That benefactor, Kein-sama has not only saved myself, but also the church and orphans in the city.


Sefilia was deeply moved and was filled with affection for such benevolent, wise, and modest gentleman. Her clear blue eyes were filled with grateful tears.


That’s weird, Kein didn’t seem to think about it that far though. Isn’t it because this pink colored oba-san cowardly seduced Kein and forced him to take the herb gathering request?(Tn: oba-san= aunty)




While lying her face down, the receptionist Elena changed her smiling face into that of a wicked demon.

She bit her red lips until it bled, as she desperately suppressed the abusive language that was about to come out.


You’re just a damn idiot, noble girl who’s just playing as an adventurer, I will beat you until you die! I will beat you! As a reminder, she still endured it until there were veins on her forehead.

The opponent is a princess and a hero who has saved this country and was also a sword master after all.


As adventurer guild’s receptionist, she can’t do anything to her.

However, if she mixed delayed poison at the bar, or…… (Tn: at first I thought she can be waifu material, but so scary…)(Ed: welcome to the world of women tl-san)


Even though everyone is saved, it’s ridiculous if only Kein gets the short end of the stick!


Anastrea heart was filled with anger.

In her plan, she planned to bring Kein as a fourth member of The Rose Maiden Blooming in the heights, then train him to become a strong warrior.


Naa, isn’t it good enough if you just give money? If you asked Ana’s house, I’m sure they will send enough gold coins to buy a small castle


Said the magician with short purple hair, she is the oldest between those three and was already 17 years old.

She is the founder and the leader of The Rose Maiden Blooming In the heights, people called her as an omnipotent magician, Maya Lean.


She was feeling grateful towards Kein, but unlike the sword princess who met him directly, or the saint who was saved by him, she wasn’t particularly enthusiastic towards him.

On the contrary, Maya hated adult men but loved women, so she was relieved that he didn’t join the party.


The Rose Maiden Blooming In The Heightswas praised as the best party in the kingdom, It’s a 3 members party composed of the Godspeed sword princess Anastrea, the innocent saint Sefilia, and the omnipotent magician Maya.

even though it was Maya’s ambition to make a party composed of beautiful girls, she thought it must be hard for Kein who doesn’t have a redeeming feature to enter the party.


No, this is not a problem that can be solved with money!

I think he’ll be more than happy if he gets money though


Yesterday, Kein’s state of affair had been examined by the Almirion house in advance.

He’s stayed at the worst and cheapest hotel for 4-5 years already, you can’t say that he had a good economic condition.


I went to visit Kein’s residence, but the roof was tilted and it was already in a terrible condition. For such a poor man to give theResurrection Fruitto me, Do you know how much devotion it is?

I don’t know but…


When Maya heard about his situation, she thought isn’t he just a good uncle?

The trembling sword princess was on the verge of crying and said it with her shaking voice, It can’t be helped already.


That’s not good, I will not settle this debt with money. I must pay this life debt with my life!


Hearing such a powerful words from Anastrea, the saint Sefilia nodded in agreement, but Maya had a fed up face.


But he refused to join the party, what are you going to do?

It’s okay, I have a great idea!(Tn: I can’t tell it in detail, but I feel sorry for Kein) (Ed: I don’t)


Maya who has already had a long relationship with the sword princess Anastrea looked at her confident face and thought Ah, this is  bad .


Ed note: party composition 1 loli berserker, 1 oppai loli healer, 1 yuri magician, and 1 uncle(maybe)


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