Chapter 4

There Are More Monsters On The Mountain Recently.


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Kein offered a lily to the God at the base of Kuko Mountain.

Then joined his hands and prayed.


Thank you very much for yesterday. It was really helpful


Kein has been carefully looking for the most expensive looking, best smelling, whitest, most beautiful flower and picked one up.

It was also the favorite flower of his old comrade who died protecting Kein in this mountain, Altena.


Her soul may have been called a long time ago, but maybe she can reach heaven if he asked the mountain god.

He remembered what the church’s sister said, the prayer for the deceased isn’t for the dead but for the living.


This also serves as a memorial service.


Well then, let’s gather herbs today


He climbed the mountain using a safe path as usual.




He saw a group of goblin at the distance and avoided them in hurry.

D rank adventurers are able to do something against  1 or 2 monsters, but more than that and it will be dangerous.


Gya Gya!?

Uwa, they also here!


He bumping with a goblin that came out from the trees, Even though he purposely avoided them.

He was surprised, but the enemy was also surprised.


Kein drew the iron sword on his waist at once and thrust it.  

The goblin also raised the club in his hand, but it was too late.





Kein ended the goblin’s life by stabbing it in its chest, as the club rolled down from the goblin’s hand.


Fuu…… well, this is why I should keep calm


A goblin is not a dangerous monster because it has low intelligence and inferior physique than human.

Even D rank adventurer like Kein can defeat one without getting hurt.


But it’ll be dangerous if goblin starts to gather because of the screams a while ago.

You can get a money if you cut the goblin’s ears and bring it to adventurer guild but life comes first.


The most important thing Kein learned from his life as an adventurer is, never become greedy in a battlefield where you bet life.

he quickly left.


I’ll look for the goblin ears later and see if it still can be collected.


But, this is weird


It felt like there are more goblins in Kuko mountain recently.

It might harm the lumberjacks and hunters at the base of the mountain and the people who work at the farm nearby.


That’s why Kein wanted a party because he wants to take the request for goblin extermination at Kuko mountain.

It’s an obvious job that has more profit.


he can barely eat and it’s difficult to save money just by taking the herbs request.


Otto, I have to make sure to not to take too much


Today he also gathered wolfberries and wild plants together with medicinal herbs, but he only took enough for him to eat.

He was careful not to take all the plants and not to pick the root so the plants can grow again after a while.


This strong smell, is this a wild garlic?


It seems that there are some people who are not good with this pungent smell, but Kein loved it.

It was very nutritious food, whether you stir fry it, made soup, or marinated it, it was still good to eat.


His bag also full today, so with that amount, he goes down the mountain.

He could also collect the ears from the goblin he defeated before, and the harvest was abundant today.


I wonder what souvenir should I give to the mountain god today.

I think it’s absurd to give garlic because I don’t think god will like its strong smell.

As I was going down the mountain, I saw a huge black thing on the road.


What is that……?


he made sure not get close to it, there was a large body with the heights around 13 meter lying down and blocking the road.

That huge reptile body, wings like a bat and long claws, and…… Kein unintentionally gulped. His feet were trembling.




Kein gulping sound couldn’t compete with the groaning sound that came out from its large jaw, it could intimidate anyone just from hearing it and paralyzes them.

But it would be fatal if Kein did that, so he tried to bring out his courage.


Why is there an evil dragon in place like this!?


When he was a child, he knew a legend about the infamous evil dragon who lives deep inside the huge cave at the side of the mountain.

The danger level was undoubtedly an A rank, it’s the worst of the worst monster, the evil dragon.


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