Kein’s Good Deed Chapter 6 Release!

Hello folks!

I’m so sorry for the late update.

This time, the one who translate chapter 6 was the new guy that recently joined our group recently.

his job is not only to translate but also editing, pr and another stuff.

you can call him Yorozuya guy.

also if you also read seijo no kaifuku, maybe you noticed that the one who edit that isn’t frozen ink anymore.

we got 3 new guys as an editor.

so we got 4 new people here.

please welcome Beans (Editor), Lyntch (Editor+PR), Dgtal12 (Editor), and Chinozuku (Yorozuya)


Just for your information, currently, we are looking for a new translator.

it doesn’t matter if you are Chinese, Japan or Korean translator.

Also, don’t worry if you are still a newbie and need machine translator to do it.

We will help you as best as we can to make you a good translator.


So if you want to join us you can join our discord server and tell the administrator.

And if you just want to chat with our staff or get notification updates, you can join our server discord too.

Check out in the widget section or click the link here to join.

Let’s make the Shinku Novels great again (LOL)!


So without further ado, here’s chapter 6

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