Chapter 68

Shall we dance……?




There’s someone coming out from the dark, and it turns out to be Lily.


“Are, why are you here?”


Usually, it’s time to dance right now, even if Lily can not dance, I think there is no come here…….


“N~? when I think I wanted to dance with nest, I see you going somewhere so I following you”


“Ah, I see. I’m sorry for that……”


“Un, it’s okay, is it not good?”


“Etto, shall we dance……?”


Lily says it’s okay, maybe Lily was looking forward to dancing.


“Eh, can I!?”


As I thought, she takes my proposal with full of spirit.


“Yup, it’s okay”


Even if our dance is too poor, it will not be embarrassing because there’s no one here.


There’s cool and good feeling coming to my body, so in order to dance with Lily, I headed to Lily.


“Etto, is it like this……?”


I never had a dance like this before, so I glance to the back sometimes, it’s to make sure that my body and Lily is close enough or not, then I place my hand to the Lily waist.


“Hmm Hmm Hmm”


After that, my leg is moving according to Lily humming.


Honestly, I don’t know if I’m doing it right or not but, Lily is having fun right now, I know it if I see it, but it strange because it’s surprisingly fun.


the sky is dominated by the darkness, and there’s a lawn growing beautifully at our feet.


Coming from the corridor, a good sensation of wind brushing my face so gently.


“Hmm~~ hmm~ hmm”


I only hear a good voice coming from Lily casually.


If I hear a sound except that, then it was a small voice I make at the time when I make a mistake.


Only me and Lily, there’s no one here, there’s no music, there’s no light too, in such situation, there are 2 people dancing so happily…….


“That was fun!!”


After a while, finally, we finished dancing, we fell down on top of the lawn, and look to the sky.


Incidentally Lily is on top of me now. So cute. (Tn: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


“…… The party, it’s fun”


“Yeah, I want to come again”


Lily reply my word and then look to the sky.


“…… That girl is a demon, isn’t she?”


At that time, I remember what Ethique say.


And if Lily is really a demon then—


–she will be brought back to demon country.




It might be better to try and ask what she thought about that now.


After a bit of silence, I finally decided to do so.


“Hey, Lily—“


If it’s possible, I hope she said that she is not.


Also, I want to have fun with all of the once again without worrying anything.


“—are you a demon?”


I’m listening to Lily while caressing her head


“N? Lily is–”


And then, at the time when Lily answer my question–




–there’s something break, a loud sound, was entering our ears.




The sound just now was coming from party hall.


It seems Lily is surprised by the sound before, she hugging me right now.


“Maybe, in the middle of party, there is a contact from the demon side, so we should be careful”


Speaking of which, Ethique said that as well




Instantly I grab Lily, and run to the party hall.




I forget to rephrase the spell, I keep running and arrive at the party hall.


A window fragment scattering at the floor of the party hall.


All people there staring at the smashed window.


“…… wa………”


I run through the people while looking around.


“…… Oi Oi, it’s a joke, right……?”


And then, it’s only one. Only one thing that I understand here.




I can’t find Tre and Aura—.


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