Chapter 70


Let’s Give Up Already


“Is Lily a demon?”


There’s no one here except us, finally, I can hear it from Lily.


“…… Eh? That’s right-?”




Even though I was nervous, it seems Lily did not particularly care about that.


Wha, what should I do now?


“Etto, so why you didn’t tell this to me before…?”


Even though it’s okay if she told me about this sooner.


“That’s because I was not asked!”


I was shocked when I heard this, and Lily inflating her cheeks as if she got slightly angry.


“Eh, I definitely never ask about this but….”


But still, isn’t it fine to tell me about this sooner?




My words make tears floating from Lily’s eyes and she turned her face away from me. (Tn: I activated my trap card! Loli power activated! With this trap card every mistake will be forgiven)


“Ah, sorry. It’s my bad because I didn’t ask about this before”


it was as if I’m the one who makes her cry.


If someone coming this way, it will become a misunderstanding again — (Tn: just for reminder, Nest make 2 mistakes before. And because of that he labeled as ‘LOLICON’)


“Are you okay-? Nest-san”


—or not….


Exactly at this moment, Luna entering this room.




And as expected, after she looked at our situation, it became silent.


Ah, it certainly will become a misunderstanding.


“Le, Let me tell you this first, I’m not teasing Lily okay…”


I tell this to her but, it sounds like an excuse.


“Come here Lily-chan……”


As expected it will become like this, Luna ignores my words and call Lily who crying beside me.


“…… I’m okay with Nest………”




But toward that Luna, Lily keep crying while cuddling me.




Luna opened her eyes in surprise, and I’m desperately holding my laugh.


“…… Hmm!!”


Luna once again glares at me and leave this room.


Fufufu, I win……!!


“……I’m sorry, Nest…”


After Luna went outside, Lily told that to me.


“No, I’m so sorry too okay…?”


After I caressing Lily’s head, I’m back into action.


“Etto, about that story…”


After Lily calm down, Lily sit on my lap, then I begin to talk.


“What should I do about it?”


Honestly, I didn’t think about this before.


In the first place, I don’t know much about demon .


I just know that they are strong and have wings.


“Are, what happens with your wings Lily…?”


I just notice that Lily doesn’t have wings even though she’s a demon, so I ask about it.


“aren’t adults the one who have wings-?”




Looks like I’m the only one who doesn’t know about it. (Tn: reminder again, Nest is an ignorant bumpkin. For proof, he didn’t even know how healing magic actually works)


Well, I never go out from my hometown before, so it’s normal to not know about this right!?


“And, it’s about Aura and Tre, what should we do now…?”


For this case, there’s no way we can handle this alone.


Hmm, what should I do……?


“I will help!!”




He said that while opening the door roughly, the one who came into the room was, the King-sama Ethique.


Because he suddenly appears, Lily who sit at my lap become scared.


“it was my turn to shine when a case like this come!”


…… that’s true, if it’s King ethique then, he have capability to fix various situation like this.


“Etto, I’ll leave it to you okay…?”


“Your words has been heard!!”


His eyes glittering when Ethique give a response to me.


“Ah, that’s right, at a time like this, it’s better if you prepare your black cloak now, did you bring it?”


Then, suddenly Ethique remind me about that thing.




Of course I didn’t bring it. Rather, it’s too late, because I have throw it away, but I can’t say that.


“……… A, ah, to tell you the truth I forgot to bring it from home, so I will buy the new one”


With that reply, Ethique will understand, and I will avoided to wear that embarrasing cloack, and everyone will be happy.


“Ah, to be honest I still have the same one for preparation if something happened, so it’s okay!”




“Tha, that’s very helpful……”


Let’s give up already—–.


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