Chapter 71

I didn’t want to bid a farewell to Lily


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“Well, you said you wanted to help, but what will you do?”


Even though you wanted to help me save Aura and Tre, in reality there’s a problem with that. By the way, all the demons are probably searching for Lily’s whereabouts; yea I’ll go along with that.


“Umm, how about Nest just plunging in there as ‘Jet Black Savior’-sama?” -Ethique


“No, isn’t that strange!?”-Nest


What is the power Ethique wanted to lend to me to do that?


Black cloak? Black cloak is it?


“No, No, it’s a joke” -Ethique


Ethique waving his hand, even though he said that was a joke, honestly, it did not sound like a joke at all.


“Umu, well then, what should we do…?” -Ethique


“So you didn’t think about that before!?”-Nest


After approaching with such a statement, I thought you already had a good plan!




I think that was just a joke but, when I see ethique thinking about something with all he got, looks like it was true.


“… Oioi…” -Nest


In front of me there’s Ethique who thinking about something, and there’s Lily who until now has been keeping close to me, it made me spill out a sigh.



“… How about sending an envoy?” -Ethique


Ethique who pondering about something muttered with a small voice.


“Envoy?” -Nest


I reflexively asked back.


It’s because I didn’t understand the true meaning of that word when it was suddenly said.


“Ah, if we send you as an official envoy to the Demon Country, the two of you can go into their castle without a problem” -Ethique




In that case we can save extra effort with that.


“The reason will be ‘in the middle of our party someone has been kidnaped’, that will be enough” -Ethique


“If that has been decided then let’s go now!”-Nest


Even now Aura and Tre maybe in danger.


I urged Ethique to make so we can depart soon.


“No, there’s no need for us to be in hurry. They will soon realize they incorrectly kidnaped someone other than Lily, above all, it was a party guest, so they will not handle them roughly” -Ethique


“But, even so, there’s still a probability of a worst case…”-Nest


I still urged Ethique.


“Actually, I dare to say that they are safe because that’s not the only reason.” -Ethique




If there is another reason then please tell me sooner.


“That another reason is…?”-Nest


“A-about that…That Perfect Princess, to say it briefly, it-it is that Demon Princess’s preference…” -Ethique


It’s unusual for Ethique to feel shameful, he replied to me with a whisper.


“A-anyway! I can guarantee those two are safe! So don’t worry about it!” -Ethique


Then Ethique finished that with a loud voice, I can’t pursue it anymore, then without saying anything he left the room to make the preparations to send me as an envoy.


“Even if you said ‘don’t worry’ to me…”-Nest


I have never seen Ethique like that, honestly, it makes me not want to expect it too much.


“Ah, that’s right, what will happen to Lily?”-Nest




Hearing me say that, Lily tilted her neck to look up.


“No, what they aimed for, was to take Lily back to home it seems, so at the time I become an envoy, I think it would be best for Lily to wait here.”-Nest


On the contrary it will be a problem if she didn’t want to wait here. There’s a possibility at the time when I go to save Aura and Tre, they will use that opportunity and take Lily; I can’t go if it’s like that.


No, in the first place Lily is living in there, maybe it can’t be helped, I don’t want to suddenly bid farewell to Lily.




But of course, Lily will make a tantrum.


“Even you say that…”-Nest


But it’s not good to take Lily.


“If you take Lily-, Lily can lead you to various places-!”-Lily




That’s certainly true.


If it’s an ordinary shop then, maybe I still can ask for directions but, if it’s inside the castle, Lily’s power will be needed to enter places which can’t be entered normally.


“Hah, I will take you but, you can’t wander alone okay?”-Nest


In the end, Lily will go with me but, this is the limit of I can do for now. After that, I will ask her to properly listen and do what I say.


Besides, if something happens–


–I hope I don’t need to become ‘Jet Black Savior’.


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