Chapter 72

This Is How Elderly Is


Tn: Kirisaki Shin

Ed: Frozen Ink

“Well then, I wish you luck”


“Ah, I’m going”


Right now, Ethique sent me off, as I was about to leave the castle.


It looks like Ethique has prepared various thing, and it was decided that I would depart early.




As an envoy that goes to the demon country, Ethique has prepared a carriage for me to go there but, inside this spacious carriage there’s Lily humming a song while swinging her leg so happily.


By the way there are only 2 people inside this carriage, me and Lily. (Tn: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))


Ethique gave an order that only a few people can go, from the start we planned on only the two us and one more person who works as the coachman.


“Well then, let’s go”


From how she talks, looks like the one who became our coachman is an aunty.


“Ah, please”




After Lily replied with a loud voice, The aunty coachman said.




In  a low voice,as  the carriage began to advance.


“If I remember correctly, Lily is a princess right?”


Inside the carriage, at the time when I talk with Lily, suddenly I remember that, so I try to ask her.


“Yup-, is that something amazing-?”


“Ah, that’s amazing”


When I’m was still a kid, I didn’t  understand social position very well, that’s why she asks again, let’s tell her a little bit.


“You know, princess is something that everybody longing for.  Because all princess is beautiful after all.”


“If Lily is a princess, will Nest long for me-?”


“Ah, I adore you very much” (Tn: Call 911 now!! Save our Lily!!)(Ed: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))




Lily made a slightly happy voice when she heard my words, then she places her head on my lap.


I forgot who I heard this from but, it looks like this is what they call ‘lap pillow’.


Ah, usually it’s  the man was the one who receive this ‘lap pillow’, that’s what I heard but, well, it doesn’t matter.


“I wonder what kind of place  the demon country is.”


Right now Lily is leaning her head on top of my lap, Let’s try asking her.


At the time I was still in my village, I have seen a demon a couple of times before, honestly, there’s not much difference from us.


Perhaps, maybe the demon country isn’t that different .


“Hnnn, etto, that will be fun right-?”


Lily shows a behaviour like she was  thinking for a while ,but in the end she only tells me little, no it’s kinda vague.


“I, I see…”


It seems it will be useless unless I try to look into it myself…


“…So, why were  two of sent as the envoy?”


In the middle of the break, the coachman aunty talking with us.


Etto, It’s okay to say it right…?


“Ah, actually we were attending the party in the town but, the demons  took my companions to demon country by  mistake, and this time I begged King-sama to let me go there.”


The source of that mistake is Lily who is leaning on me and sleeping right now but, it doesn’t matter doesn’t it.


“Hee, that was a  disaster”


My words made  the aunty open her mouth in surprise.


“Well, they are a precious people to me,that’s why…”


… Aahh, it’s really embarrassing because don’t usually say such things.


Even though the other party is an  elderly but, why did I tell her  something unnecessary like that.


“Hee, not bad”


And then, somehow the aunty misunderstood something, the face that full of wrinkles and that smile when she looking at me showing as if she found something interesting.


“That, that’s wrong, it’s not like that”


I don’t know what the heck is wrong or right but, I make an excuse to defend myself.


“…That, just a, how I should say it… Aaahhh!”


I thought I could say something ,but in the end I couldn’t think anything and raised a strange voice.


“Ku ku ku”


Aunty held her laugh but, frankly she couldn’t  hold it in  at all.




As I thought, this is how elderly is…


Even at my village, I remember that there’s was a child who turned an elder into his enemy but, a few days later he became obedient to that elder.


“Well, do your best okay”


“Yes, thank you very much”


I will not forget to give my thanks to the aunty who cheers me.


“Well then, Let’s go…”


After she finished talking with me, aunty returns to her job as coachman, and the carriage start moving again.


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