Chapter 73

It’s Something Bouncy


Tn: Kirisaki Shin

Pr: Frozen Ink

“Oooi, you can see the demon country now”


While we were having our leisure time, I heard the aunty’s voice.




In the distance I can see the demon country, what I want to say is it’s normally big.


I think it’s as big as the capital, maybe.


“Hey, that’s the checkpoint”


Aunty raised her finger and told me the location of checkpoint.




In the distance I can see people standing at the checkpoint, that, what can I say, I felt like it looked bigger, maybe because I see them strangely apart.




We gradually approach the checkpoint and noticed.


At the checkpoint, it seems that a huge armor was placed there. (pr: #triggered)


Next to it, there’s a person that probably manages the checkpoint, to pass through them I need to get confirmation from them.


“Well then, as the carriage from a different place and can’t pass through here, please go there first”




As aunty said, Lily and I went down from the carriage and went to the checkpoint.


“Well then, after you pass through please wait in the meeting point”


“Etto, well, let’s go”



I can’t stay here for a long, so I headed to the checking point while pulling Lily’s hand.


“Hnn, you are?”


When they see us, the person in the checking point called us.


“Ah, we came here as an envoy…”


I said so, and show the official paper from the inside of luggage.


“Oh, so it’s an envoy, I will check it for a moment”


“Yes, please”


I handed the document to the person who was in the checkpoint and waiting in another room


“Ah, that’s right, what with that armor in the checkpoint?”


I was waiting for a long time, so I asked as it was bothering me.


“Is it that? that was my familiar…”


“So that was a familiar?”


It was a word that I never heard before, so I unintentionally asked again.


“Yes, That ogre was my familiar”




He said ogre, right? it’s the thing that I beat before, isn’t it?


“Ogre is that a monster right…?”


I ask timidly.


“Yes, but to distinguish it we put an armor on them”


“Eh, hee…”


I never thought that there will be an ogre here…


“Ah, I have confirmed that you are an envoy, so it’s ok to pass through”



After they confirm us as the envoys, we were safely able to pass through the checkpoint.


… Aah, I remember, I forgot to ask about the familiar.


Well, I’ll try to ask Lily about it next time.


“Oh, that was slow wasn’t it?”


After I left the checkpoint, the aunty who was waiting earlier called us.


“Yes, I’m sorry, it seems it took some time to confirm the document”


I apologized while looking down at my baggage.


“No no, I didn’t wait too long”


After that, we talking for a bit and decide to head to the inn.


“Oh, as expected all of them brought a monster”


Looking around while walking on the street, as expected, there are people walking around with various monsters.


There’s a goblin that helped me a lot, and something puffing that I have never seen before.

Incidentally, besides monsters, there’s a demon who has a tail and wings, but since I knew it before, it’s not so surprising.


“Ah, that was a familiar”


As expected aunty also knows about familiars, at least inform me earlier.


“Ano, what is a familiar …?”


I thought about asking Lily later, but I still want to know, so I asked about it now.


“Hnn? familiar?”


“Yes, actually I don’t quite understand much about it…”


As I thought I wish I studied more when I was still in the village.


“Etto, the demons that are suitable with dark magic are able to summon and make a contract for themselves”


“In short, that’s what ‘familiar’ is?”


“That’s what it is. The ogre with an armor at the checkpoint is an excellent one among the demons, but mostly it was slime or goblin around here”




The slime is, the guy that looks bouncy isn’t it? (pr: slimes puff?)(Tn: actually at raw it says puyopuyo i want to said jelly-like but it’s kinda weird)


Or rather, the aunty noticed that inside tharmorour was an ogre.


“Ah, this is the inn that we will be staying in tonight”


While saying that, aunty stops in front of a single inn.


It seems that we will staying here today, and make preparations to go to the castle tomorrow.


By the way, the reason why aunty decided to stay in this inn is because it seems the food here is really delicious.


“Well, Let’s go”


Guided by aunty we open the door to the inn.


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