Chapter 74

As Expected, She Is a Child But She Is a Demon

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“Well then, I will stay here, I’ll come back if something happens”


“Understood, I will go then”


I came to the demon country, to stay for  a night, and we are currently at the dining room in the first floor of the inn.


Aunty who worked as our coachman was sending us off.


“see you later!”


And then, after Lily says goodbye, the two of us headed for the castle.


“Haa, somehow, this feeling is like the feeling when I saw the castle before”




From the point when I left the inn, it made me feel like I’m doing the same thing as when I was in the capital.


Even when I saw the castle in the capital, I was surprised with how big it is.


“This is the place where Lily lived in before right…?”


“That’s right?”



Oh, by the way this is in the front of the castle but,and I had Lily wear a coat for children to hide her face.


At the time when they found out Lily at the castle, there will be neither child nor former child. (ed:yeah im totally lost but im gonna assume that this statement implies if they get found out in the castle they won’t know its lili, the original lili? )


“Well then, shall we?”


I call Lily and looked at the gatekeeper that was up ahead.



“Ano, I came here as an envoy…“


I show the document and say that to the gatekeeper.


“Oh, so you are the messenger, please don’t hesitate we’ve already been informed”


I don’t know what they were told, but we succeeded in entering the castle.


Inside, there are maids like in the capital.


“Welcome, please come inside, um…”


“Ah, I’m sorry. I am nest. Please take care of me”


I introduced myself in a hurry, because the maid just now didn’t know my name I think.


“Please take care of me too, Nest-sama”


Starting from that maid, a few maids in the back also come and told me, “please take care of me.”


“And, it’s very shameful but, right now, demon king-sama is about to leave, he may return tonight or tomorrow morning I think. Because of that, I’m so sorry but Nest-sama and the companion please stay here for a night, we will prepare a room in the castle”


“Un, understood”


The one I want to meet was Aura and Tre that  were mistakenly taken by the demon princess, I want to meet them but, I will go to the room obediently for now.


Perhaps it’s possible to find a gap in the meantime and roam around in the castle.


And then, led by the maid, I took Lily’s hand that’s hiding her face and went to the room.


“This way please”


After saying that, the maid lead us to a room that only need to walk for a bit from the place before.


In there, Lily and I rested in the room that seems too big for the two of us.


“well then, please call us if you need something”


As soon as I thanked her, she left and went back to work.



“Nee, can I take this off?”


A little bit later after the maid left the room, Lily asked if she could take off the coat she was wearing.


“Nn, I wonder”


It will probably become a problem if Maid-san suddenly  enters the room.


“This is so hot!”(ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) don’t mind me)


However, contrary to my worry, Lily take off her coat and threw it on top of the bed.


“Haa, it can’t be helped then…”


Well, maybe it’ll be fine if I  listen for the sound of incoming footsteps.


I listened while watching Lily who was happily playing in the room.


“Once again, I’m really sorry. Actually demon king-sama will be back after two days. I’m so sorry but please stay here for one more night”


That day, maid-san told me that while bringing dinner to the room.


Incidentally I feel relieved because Lily was neatly wearing the coat right now.


“Is that so, I understand”


Actually it’s very convenient for me.


That way, I have a spare time to go around the castle for a day.


She said I’m really sorry while bowing her head again, it’s bad but I hid my snicker.


“Nest, do you want to sleep already!?”


After I took my meal, I slipped into the bed.


Because of that, Lily asked me.


“A, ah. it’s a little bit early but I wonder if I should go to sleep”


I want to be in perfect condition as preparation for tomorrow.


For that reason, I want to go to sleep early but…




Lily didn’t allow such thing, and forcefully took away the futon.


As expected, she Is a child But she is a demon


I couldn’t handle the strength that made me lose at arm wrestling.


“Nest should be accompanying Lily!”


“Even if you say that…”


I want to go to bed now…


If I try to match Lily’s sleeping  time , then there’s a chance that I will be late tomorrow.


“We, well then, do you want to sleep together Lily?” (Tn: pedometer intensify)(Ed: I approve)


I said so to revive from this hopeless situation.




And then Lily comes with terrible force.


“Recently, I always endure it for the sake of being together with Aura onee-chan and Nest!”


“Eh, hee, is that so?”


Perhaps it’s around the time when I was rumored as pervert.


But this time it was a good luck as it did well.


“We, well, let’s go to sleep”




I place my hand in the waist of Lily who nodded cheerfully, and lying in the bed together–.


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