Chapter 75

I Pushed Lily

Tn: Kirisaki Shin

Ed: Frozen Ink


“…Nn… aah… it’s already morning…”


The lights entering from the window makes me narrow my eyes and my body feels heavy.




Lily who is beside me, still seems to be sleepy.


“Hora, it’s morning Lily”


I whispered that close to her ear and shake that light and small body.


“…Nn… muu, it’s ticklish…”


Then, Lily who still seems sleepy  somehow raised her body.


Lily and I faced each other now.


It’s for the sake of telling Lily that we have a lot of things to do.


“Etto, I don’t have any special tasks for  today, but I need to look for Aura and Tre here”





When I said that, Lily tilted her head, I wonder if her head still doesn’t work properly because she’s still sleepy.


But I keep going as if didn’t care about it.(Ed:yeah im just gonna misrepresent the whole thing in my head)


“Like I said, I will going around the castle today, but I will search for them  by myself for now. I will let Lily help if there’s  something that I don’t know”


Honestly, maybe it’s better to let Lily guide me inside the castle from the beginning, but I think it’s better for me to look by myself in the beginning to prevent Lily get found out and dangerous situation as much as possible.


“Undetand” (Tn: it’s not a typo. She say wa atta in raw)


Her articulation didn’t function well that made her tone like that, but I understand Lily properly, she raised her hand above her head to let me know that she understands.


Yosh, after things with Lily is confirmed, let’s go to search inside the castle immediately–


‘Ton ton’


–That’s what I thought when suddenly someone knocked on the door. (Ed: yeah たたかれた means hit, which knocking technically is)





I immediately turned towards the door.


Perhaps because I was talking with Lily yesterday, I didn’t notice the footsteps coming closer to the room.


I searched for a coat for Lily to wear in hurry, but surprisingly the coat has been folded and placed on the desk that was far away from the bed.


At this rate, I won’t make it in time if the people who knocked open the door.


“Excuse me please”


the moment I thought of that,, I heard the voice of the maid-san who I heard a few times yesterday.


“Wha, what should I do…!?”


From what the maid said, I know that she is already about to enter the room.




Instantly I sit on the bed and pushed down Lily.



“Good morning, Nest-sama and the companion”


In the next moment, maid-san come into the room and said a greeting.


“Ah, go, good morning”


I can’t see her face but, probably maid-san see me pushing down Lily who knows it is a little child from the size of the body, I wonder what that maid-san thinking right now…


Perhaps she has personality that doesn’t show her emotions, but I won’t know her real intentions by looking at the maid’s face.


“We have prepared the breakfast, do you want to bring it here?”


“Ah, yes, please…”


When maid-san stated her business, I could only nod.




“Ha, as I thought, it was so close”


Right now we were sitting facing each other and started eating breakfast.


After we finish eating breakfast, maid-san came and was cleaning up the dishes, and now the table is in a beautiful state without dirt on the table.


“Etto, well then, I’ll go looking for Aura and Tre for a bit, so wear that coat properly so your face can’t be seen okay?”




I felt a little worried when heard what Lily said, then I prepared to leave the room slowly.


“… There’s no one here right…?”


When I  left the room, I looked around in the vicinity, but I didn’t find the presence of anyone the corridor.


“…Yosh, well let’s go this way first, maybe…?”


Of course I don’t know where they, but I should search for them immediately.


I decide to go to the opposite direction from when I came to the room.


“Yosh, let’s do this…!”


I was thinking enthusiastically when I saw that there were quite a lot of the doors.


“… I can’t find them. I really can’t find them”


From the moment I began to search, I couldn’t find them no matter how much I search, I gradually begin to remember that crisis.


The deadline is probably only this whole day.


…Should I return to the room and search with Lily?


Perhaps that way the probability of finding Aura and Tre will increase.



‘… … …ne…’


‘… … … … desu… …’




When I was wondering whether I returned to the room or not, my ears hear a voice that I felt familiar.


I run with all I got to the direction of the voice.






I felt that voice gradually become bigger.


And, that voice seemed to be heard from a certain room.




From inside, there’s a voice of Aura and Tre, and the voice from someone I knew.


Ethique said they will be fine but, right now, I feel worried about whether those two in bad situation or not.




I nervously open the door.


“…tte are?”


Inside the room, there’s 3 people, Aura, Tre, and someone I don’t know.


In their underwear… (Tn: Yup, the princess was into yuri…)(Ed: this chap is a goldmine)


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