Chapter 76

Unknown Ceiling

Translator: Kirisaki shin

Editor: Frozen Ink

Aura POV



Right now, I was invited to come to Ethique’s party.


When we arrived at the assembly hall, there were already a lot of invitees there, as soon as I entered the assembly hall,  I got surrounded by a lot of men.


Because of that, I was separated with Nest.




There were a lot of self-introductions from various direction, but honestly, it didn’t enter my head at all.


The impatience was growing inside of me.


Well, I was feeling impatient since the beginning.


The reason is, it’s because of Nest.


When Lily,  aura, and I changed into dresses, the first thing Nest said to me was It suited you,


When he said that, no one knew about it, but I was feeling happy when he praised me, I was desperate to hold back my cheeks from loosening. (ed note: tsundere spotted)


After me, Nest praised  Lily, even though he didn’t say it to me, he said Cuteto Lily!


Furthermore, he was hugging her, I can’t accept it.


Finally, I was the only one who didn’t get praised as Cute by Nest.


That’s why I’m in the middle of this rave of praise right now. (Tn: Aah… she wants to make Nest jealous) (Ed: flag raised)


However, I can’t hold back this feeling any longer.


It will be the time for everyone to enjoy the dance soon.


Men and women will pair up, and dance while hugging each other, it was the perfect opportunity to appeal the companion.


Right now, I got an Invite by a lot of people, but I refused it politely.


I had decided, who I want to dance with.


Who I want to dance with, of course, he was the person who didn’t know how to dance, yup, it was my master


It was only Nest.


…Tte, he’s not here!!


When I thought to look for him, Nest was already gone.


Really, Idiot Nest…


There was no one who replied to my murmur.


After that, I didn’t want to dance anymore, and I took a light meal with me to the corner of the hall by myself.


Ara, isn’t it Tre?


Ah, Aura-san, so you were in this place desu ne


Suddenly, I met Tre on the way, and we decided to walk together with only two of us.


It seems Tre also had various troubles.


Really, men including Nest, why are they all like this?


I secretly made a sigh


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Ne ne, this is the smell of Lily-sama right?(Tn: author write this one using katakana)


That’s right


Those voices, when did I hear it before?


If I remember correctly, I think it was around the time when the dance almost at the climax.




That crude way of talking, where have I heard it before?


I looked around the vicinity, Tre also heard it, then she tilted her neck and matched her eyes with mine.


……Really, what is it?


Ahaha, they can’t see our figures, and that’s of course because we are very good at hiding


Ahaha, that’s right. And, maybe it is those 2 who have the smell of Lily-sama


That’s true, so what will we do?


Which one is the real one?


That voice gradually become louder, before we knew it, it had already gotten quite close to us


But, because they spoke in a strange way, I couldn’t understand what they said.


Nnn, I don’t know, how about we take both of them?


Is it okay? Won’t we get scolded?


It’s alright, it’s alright, parfecto-sama will be happy with this


That’s true, let’s do this


After I heard that voice, I heard they already close to us.


I didn’t say that Tre was scared, but they were getting closer.


Actually, I’m also scared, but Nest wasn’t here right now, so I needed to be firm to protect Tre.




However, contrary to my thought, I didn’t hear any voice at all.


Etto, is it alright now?


Tre whispered it while grasping my clothes tightly.


Yeah, maybe, it’s okay…….!!??


After I said, it’s okay, a black cluster appeared in front of us.




And then, without being able to resist it, we get pulled into it.






I wonder how much time has passed?


When I woke up after getting dragged by something, there’s was an unknown ceilingーーー.


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