Chapter 79

As Expected Of A Princess


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Looks like I had fallen asleep somehow.


When I woke up and because it was still bright outside the window, I found out that only a little of time passed since I began to sleep.


Ah, Nest woke up!


Lily immediately ran to me after she noticed that I woke up.




Fortunately, I felt a little better after I took a nap.


By the way, what are you doing Lily?


Even if I said a little, it was a fact that I took a nap, perhaps it had been a long time.


I-it’s a secret you know?


Lily tells me happily while put her index finger to my mouth and waited for my response. (Tn: yup, too cute. I think I need a tissue to wipe my nosebleed)(Ed: I’m going to jail)




I never thought that she would say such a thing, but it looks like a girl will always be a girl, maybe she just doing something, I was convinced while being a little puzzled.


Oh, by the way, I found Aura and Tre


I forgot to say because I Immediately went to bed after I entered the room, so I told her as soon as I remembered.


Really!? That’s good!


Lily also looks so happy about it.


It was bad for Lily, but I can’t tell her about her real sister.


Etto, then the task is already done and there’s still a lot of time, how about we go out to play?




I invited her to distract my mind a little and Lily nodded without any hesitation.

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Haaa, “play” is it……


A lot of time had passed since we started playing, it was already dark outside the window.


I still take a break several time while I was playing, but I think I was mostly playing.




As expected, Lily is also tired, she scratched her eyes sleepily.  


Although Lily is a demon, at first, she didn’t look tired at all, so I used recovery magic on myself to keep playing, and as expected, at the latter half she started getting really tired.


……… By the way, we are lying on the same bed right now. (Tn: he really need to put in jail after this.)


Enveloped by my arms, Lily, who was lying comfortably beside me, entrusted her body to me (ed: insert R18 tag here)


Thanks to playing with Lily, I thought I  got quite distracted.


Come to think of it, the maid who brought me dinner said that tomorrow evening I will have an audience with the king.


If that’s true then it was quite early, the maid apologizes for being late, and I gave my consent, then she apologizes once again and left the room.


At that time, I put a coat on Lily, so it’s okay.


Then, I look at Lily who was in my arms.


I touch her with my hand, her hair was really soft to the touch, and yet, it was beautiful.


The warmth of Lily’s body in the futon also feels good.


As expected, I still want to be together with Lily.  


I smelled a faint fragrance of Lily’s scent, and I thought about it again. (Tn: pedophile confirmed.)


Are you awake Nest……?


When I was lying on my bed, Lily asked me in an unusually low voice.


……Yes, I’m awake


To be honest, I was about to fall asleep, but because I heard Lily’s voice, I was able to respond.  


……I asked about this before, but Nest is longing for a princess right……?


……Yes, I long for them……?


However, because I can’t win against my sleepiness, I respond her while half asleep.


After all, I thought princesses were amazing.


Royal, elegant, polite, and beautiful.


It’s not just me who thought like that, I’m sure all men yearn for princess too.


…….But even so, I wished that Lily will always stay beside me, that’s what I think.


…….Well then, I’m sleepy now, so I will be going to sleep……


When I said that, I finally decided to go to sleep.


Before I closed my eyes, I felt Lily look happy somehow, maybe there was something good happen to her.


Well, it doesn’t matter as long as Lily feels happy……


While thinking so, I let go of my consciousness.


……Is it, morning……?


The morning light was shining from the window, and it was a bit dazzling for me who just woke up.


However, there was a certain warmth there, and I can’t say how pleasant it is.


Hei, Lily it’s time to wa-ke-up……


I finally realized after I said that.


Lily was missing

(ed: consent makes everything better)


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