Chapter 80

Try To Think Carefully


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「Eh Lily……?  Wh-where is she……?」


I got up from the bed in hurry and looked around the room.


I Started from under the bed, under the desk, behind the curtain, and I really searched every place inside the room.


But I still couldn’t find Lily.


「Wh-what should I do……」


Maybe she just went out of the room a little.


This was her home…….


Perhaps even now, I might hear footsteps from behind the door.


『Koton koton』(Tn: footsteps sfx)


When I had such expectation, I heard footsteps from the other side of the door.


I felt relieved when I thought for sure that it was Lily.


And it might be good to watch out a little when she coming back.


『Koton koton, koton……』


The footsteps, it probably stopped in front of the door.


『Knock knock』


Then the other party lightly knocked on the door twice.




It made me wonder a little.


If I think about it normally, was it necessary for Lily knock on the door of this room?


No matter how much I think about it, it was not necessary at all.


Then, who was it that knock the door just now?




As if to reply to my question, the door opened.


Then who came from the door wasー


ー Maid-san.


「Good morning」


She greeted me while being expressionless as usual.


「Oh, good morning」


While I felt a little disappointed, I returned her greeting.


Even so, I wonder if there was some errand to do.


But it was quite early for breakfast, maid-san didn’t bring anything after all.


「Today, Nest-sama was scheduled to have an audience with demon king-sama at evening, but before that, please see the daughter of demon king-sama first, princess Parfecto-sama」




Well, It’s okay, but why is it so sudden?


「Then I’ll be waiting at outside of the room, please call me if you are ready」


After she said that, the maid-san left the room.


Gachari, and the sound of the closed door echoed inside the room.


「……What should I do about Lily」


When I meet demon princess-sama, I wonder if Lily will get mad when she returns and doesn’t see me in here.


There are other things that I need to worry about, but I have to change clothes quickly for now.


Because maid-san is waiting outside the room, it will cause inconvenience if I take too much time.


I changed into a formal dress of the envoy that I had brought from the capital in hurry.


「……Yosh. Ano, I’m readyー」


I make sure to properly check that there’s nothing wrong in front of the mirror and I called out to maid-san who was supposed to be outside of the room.


「I understand, the room is already prepared, so we can head there」


Maid-san told me so while opening the door, then walked ahead to guide me.




We just kept being silent, as I was following behind her.


And that condition lasted for a while after that maid-san stopped her leg in front of the big door.


「It’s over here」


Maid-san calmly showed me the door and told me to enter the room.


「Etto, excuse me ?」


As I expected, I’m not used to doing this kind of things, so I didn’t know what should I do from now on.


For now, I do as what maid-san told me, I slowly open the door and enter the room.


「Umu, you can sit on the chair over there」


「Ah, yes」


Inside the room, there was a woman who was having a nosebleed when I was looking for aura before.


she is beautiful, but the impact of her having a nosebleed is too strong, it seems  I can’t stand not to see at her nose.


When I sat on the chair offered by that woman, I look at the woman.


「First, you may already know it but my name is Parfecto ja」


「Ah, I, no, my name is Nest. Nice to meet you」(Tn: he said ore at first, but because it’s rude to say ore here, he said jibun instead. it’s a formal way to say ‘i’)


I was relieved that I was able to say that and stroked my chest, I almost bit myself there.


「Etto, then why did you call me here……?」


In the first place I didn’t have any plan to meet princess Parfecto-sama, originally I only came to have an audience with demon king-sama.


Then there must be something happening if I was called here.


「Umu, there’s something I want to hear from you」


「Something you want to hear from me……?」


I have never had the chance to meet with princess Parfecto-sama until now, so what did she want to know from me?


Besides, I don’t have any relations nor connection with princess Parfecto-sama.




When I thought about such a thing, Princess Parfecto-sama opened her mouth.


Then I realized one thing.


Besides……………………I don’t have…………..any connection………………. with princess Parfecto-samaー?


Don’t be stupid.


If you try to think carefully


There is only one thing that connects me and princess Parfecto-samaー.


「You hid Lily right?」


Yes, without a doubt it was Lilyーー.


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