Chapter 81


My Selfish Conviction

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The common thing that connected me and Parfecto hime-sama was Lily. (Tn: change princess to hime-sama)


「You hid Lily right?」 (Ed: knock knock the cops are here)


As I thought Parfecto hime-sama will ask me about that, she said it like it was a matter of fact.


I could feel a cold sweat running down my cheek.


「…….Where is Lily right now?」


Perhaps Lily was already at demon side, but I still want to ask.


「Obviously we took care of her」




Parfecto hime-sama returned an answer that I expected and I couldn’t say anything anymore.


「Did you know that we were looking for Lily……?」


Parfecto hime-sama glared at me, then asked me.




Of course, I knew that they were looking for Lily, even so, for the sake of being together with Lily, I frantically made so that Lily couldn’t be found.


That’s why, there’s nothing wrong with what Parfecto hime-sama says, she was right.


She left me dumbfounded, but still, I couldn’t say anything.


「Also, it looks like you made Lily wear that lame coat」




No, is that what you want me to say? that’s what I thought, but I kept my mouth because of the atmosphere, I just kept silent.




After that, Parfecto-sama continues saying various things for a little while.


At that time, I never opened my mouth even once.


「ー Well, it was something like that」




I thought I would be released at least, but I was relieved.


「Well, I heard that Aura and Tre is yours, is that true?」


After I thought she was finished, Parfecto hime-sama suddenly asked me.


「Ah, yes. That’s true…..」


Then, she made a dejected face after hearing my answer.


「……Haa, why do those graceful things have to serve the likes you」(Ed: I am urged to call her yuri cop)




I apologize to Parfecto hime-sama who sighed, I didn’t know what to do for a while.


Then, I wonder how they found Lily.


「By the way, it wasn’t Aura and Tre who told me about Lily」




I was surprised at the unexpected words from Parfecto hime-sama.


I thought for certain that Aura couldn’t hold it in anymore, but then, who was the one who leaked this out.


「The one who told me about Lily wasー」


ーLily herself」




It was Lily, but why Lily exposed herself?


「Lily herself exposed her identity to the maid who working here」


「W-why would she do that……」


I just, thought it was for Lily…… (Ed: that’s what all perverts say) (Tn: looks like you have some grudge against Nest)


「I don’t know about that, but were you listening to what Lily feels?」


That’s what she said as if to mock me.


「Lily’s feeling……?」 (ed: Stockholm syndrome boyz..)


What the heck was she saying?


Of course, I heard what Lily feels from a long time agoーーーno……?


「I-I-I am……」


Did I ever ask what Lily feels from her……?


As for me, I just wanted to spend time with Lily.


Of course, Lily should be feeling the same as me, that’s what I thought.


But, when, who said such a thing……?


All of it, all of it just my wrong impression wasn’t it……?


No, it was Lily who wanted to go back to the demon side, that was, so it was like that……




I, I finally realize and I became dumbfounded.


「Haaa, looks like it hit the mark」 (Ed: yuri cop wins)




Parfecto hime-sama, from my silence, seemed to know what she said was right, and she began to mock me again.


However, I can’t make an excuse because it was really like that, I can only look at my feet.


「Haa, you are not worthy of meeting my father」 (Ed:FINISH HIM!)


Tired of seeing me being quiet, Parfecto hime-sama sighed with a disgusted voice.


「If you somehow came just as a normal envoy, then it wouldn’t be necessary to return Aura and Tre」


I wonder if Parfecto hime-sama was disappointed from what she said, then the door was opened exactly when I thought like that, Maid-san entered and brought my luggage.


「This is all your luggage. Leave this castle at once. I will stop the audience with father. And Aura and Tre are already outside the castle waiting for you」 (Ed: K.O)


She was talking so fast and left the room with maid-san.


The room was completely silent.




I hit the floor while feeling miserable.


Even though I didn’t feel the pain, I thought that I feel pain at the place where I hit and I feel hot around my eyesー.(Ed: Why is he acting like an NTR victim?)


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