Chapter 82

That Was Irrelevant In Front Of Love

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Right now, I was walking by myself in the long corridor.


I walked while carrying my heavy luggage with one hand, since the last time I passed here, I’ve felt that the corridor was longer, and darker




I wonder how many time I’ve sighed today.


It’s not like I kept count, but even so, it shouldn’t be enough to count with both hand.


But it all comes down to simply, if I shouldn’t sigh now, when should I sigh then?


「It’s all my fault……」


No matter how I look at it, I had decided Lily’s feeling without permission, and in the end, the situation became like this. (Ed: damn right you dense lolicon)


Perhaps, if I was taking care of Lily a little bit more, maybe the situation will be more good than this.




As I thought, I can’t hold back sighing after all.


『…… Is this good?……』


When I was still walking in the corridor, I suddenly heard such a voice.


It was Lily’s voice, There is no way I could mistake it.




I slowly walked toward that voice.


『……Hey, is this cute?……』


『Yes, it is so cute Lily-sama』


Apparently from the voice that I heard, looks like she try to wear some clothes.




I finally came to the front of the room.


『Fu fu fu!』


The voice that was coming from the room became  clearer, and not that it’s possible too but I can almost hear everything.




I just want to meet Lily once more and apologize to Lily, then I put my hand on the door.




……But, even if I go there, what can I do.


It was Lily’s intention to return to demon side.


But even so, things like I want to meet or apologize to her, wasn’t that just for my self satisfaction.


Even this time, it’s because of my selfish behavior, I was bothering everyone, do you want to repeat it again……?


「……It’s enough, I should learn from this……」


I was mocking myself and whisper in a low voice, then I began to exit the castle while feeling reluctant.




I was lost because I could hear Lily’s voice.




While I was worried about it, suddenly a voice was behind me.


When I look back, maid-san was standing there.


「Nest-sama, this way please」


「……Ah, I’m sorry」


Apparently maid-san try to take me who looks seemed to be lost to the exit.




As expected, the silence was dominating me and maid-san.


To begin with, from maid-san’s point of view, I was the one who hid her master’s daughter, that’s why she didn’t want to talk to me.


She guided me like this, perhaps because she wants me to leave the castle as soon as possible.


「……Nest-sama, what are you going to do with Lily-sama?」


While I was thinking like that, maid-san suddenly asked me.


「E-etto, what do you mean……?」


I was thinking for certain that she didn’t want to talk to me, but it was surprising that she suddenly asked me, I then reflexively ask because I didn’t know what she meant.


「So specifically what was Nest-sama going to do to keep Lily-sama hidden? it’s something like that」




So what am I going to do to hide Lily?


I was unable to answer the question from maid-san.


Then I finally realize at the time I hid Lily, I didn’t understand exactly what I wanted to do with Lily.


I want to live with Lily, that’s my answer, but that was too vague. (Ed: Dense ass lolicon)


「Is it marriage?」


「…….Ha-haaaa!?」 (Ed: (╯°□°)╯︵ ↃW)


While I was silently thinking about the answer, maid-san suddenly said an outrageous thing.


「Ma-marriage, Lily is still a child you know!?」


I spontaneously forgot to control the volume of my voice, and end up shouting.


「That kind of things is irrelevant in front of love」(Tn: HAHAHAHAHA my stomach hurts)


But maid-san easily cuts my words.




I don’t know if it was just a joke or not, but I knew that it was impossible for me.


「If it’s not marriage, then what was your objective to hide her?」 (Ed: harem?)


However, maid-san didn’t stop asking me that question and asked me again.




I desperately thought about it.


Why did I hide her?


Why do I want to be together with Lily?


And why did I forgot to ask what Lily’s feels and that made me take a selfish action like that?


「……I don’t know」 (Ed:ლ(ಠ_ಠლ))


After a while, I finally answered the maid-san’s question.


「……I see」


In response to my voice, maid-san said that with a somewhat discouraged voice.


「……Yes, I’m sorry, but I don’t exactly know why I wanted to hide Lily like that」


「I already heard that, wellー」


「Still, even if I say something vague like that, the reason why I hid Lilywasーーー」


I said the same thing again and again, then interrupting the words of maid-san who looks like a bit troubled, and saying my true response.


「ーーBecause I didn’t want to let Lily go」 (Ed: finally came out of the closest)


Surely, that was the real reason why I hid Lily.


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