chapter 83

I’m Sure I Will Cry

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Because I didn’t want to let Lily go.


I’m sure that was the reason why, I was hiding Lily.




Maid-san became silent after hearing my words.


With such expression, I didn’t know what maid-san thought about this.


……Well, this conversation has already become unreasonable, even so……


Right, even I say such a things, Lily already left me.


Then, while I was thinking, I was already in the middle of leaving the demon king’s castle.




The silence dominated us once again, it’s all because of my weird and selfish feeling. (Ed: coming out of the closet takes the right kind of timing)


Ah, that’s, the entrance, right?


When the situation became unpleasant, I took a glance and fortunately found the entrance.


…… Yes, the entrance is over there


As expected, although I didn’t feel displeasure, I didn’t feel good either.


Even I took a quick glance and inquiring maid-san, I still did not quite understand after all.


Etto, thank you very much for guiding me


I finally came to the front of the gate and say thank you to maid-san.


No, it’s my job after all, so don’t worry about it


Maid-san calmly told that to me.


Or rather, she guided me because it’s her job after all.


When she guided me, a few weird topics came out, but it would be nice to remember that there were a few good people in the demon king’s castle.


Aura-sama seems to be waiting outside


Maid-san told me so when I place my hand on the door.


…… Well then, goodbye


While saying farewell to maid-san, I thought that perhaps I will never meet her again, I wonder what kind of face I will show Aura and Tre, then I open the door and left the castle while feeling a little sad.




one step, I came out from the demon king’s castle, I feel cold unlike when I was coming here before.




As maid-san says, Aura and Tre were already waiting for me outside the gate.


Those two also felt a little cold like me, then lightly moved their body near me.




Even though I believe I need to say something, I didn’t know what I need to say in this situation, and in the end, I can’t say anything.


……What happened to Lily…….?


Usually, It’s impossible for Aura to be like this, to ask me with such a fragile voice.




For that question, I could only turn my eyes to the place where I came out before, the demon king’s castle.




With that alone, Aura and Tre were able to guess, and didn’t try to ask about it anymore.


……Well then, let’s go……


Just for a little while, we kept standing around the gate of demon king’s castle.


I didn’t know how much time passed, but I said the necessary words, then guided Aura and Tre.


I had already decided on my goal, but I didn’t say it to Aura and Tre. (Ed: a harem?) (Tn: loli harem)


What I can do right now, was not to talk about it.


And yet, Aura and Tre didn’t say anything, and followed me.




After walking away from the demon king’s castle, gradually a lot of people could be seen.


Just like the capital, there was a lot of shops, there was also a lot of people buying and selling a lot of things.


Usually, it would be fun, but now, even with such a crowd it only hurt my ears.


If someone were to touch my shoulder, looks like I will unintentionally glare at him.


if a familiar monster was at my feet, it seems that I would kick it. (Ed: QUIT ACTING LIKE A LOSER!!)






I strongly grasped the hand of Aura and Tre who were walking behind me.


When I grasped them, they were shaking their body, then I decided to never let them go.


In this crowd, I had decided, I will never let them go.


Master, it hurts desu…… (Ed: DON’T HURT YOUR LOLI!!!)


Oh, sorry……


Before I knew it, I grasped them so hard, and I immediately released their hands.




Then, I immediately put recovery magic on Tre’s hand.


Sorry, I don’t want to turn around……


As Lily gone away, I maybe upset after all. (Ed: you have the emotional integrity of a rock)


Even now, I have done a bad thing to Tre once again.


I thought I suddenly grasped their hand because I feel bad, I’m sure I will end up crying. (Ed: a selfish rock)


……Ah, we have arrived


When we were like that, our destination was already in front of our eyes.


……is it, here?


Tre was confused and asked me.


……Yes, to get us back to the capital, there’s someone waiting here


Yes, right now we are in front of the inn, aunty who was our coachman should be waiting inside.

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