Chapter 84

What I Need To Do


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We are in front of the inn where Aunty should be waiting.


「Etto, let’s go inside」


We will be a nuisance if we continue standing in front of the inn, I took them, and immediately entered the inn.




When we entered the inn, I heard a high-spirited voice.


I also heard a lot of chattering voices.


「Would you like to eat or stay?」


The inn’s aunty who was looking at the people eating in the back, came and asked me.


「Etto, ah, there she is」


I found coachman aunty inside the dining room, and requested a meal from the inn’s aunty, grabbed the hands of Aura and Trè, and went towards the coachman aunty.


「Are you okay drinking at this of the day……?」


When we came to the coachman aunty’s place, we distorted our face because of the terrible smell.


When I saw the desk where aunty sat, there were a lot of liquor bottles lying around, and aunty looks quite drunk.




I don’t know if she heard my voice or not, for now, we sat on the same table.


「Etto, when will we go back to the capital?」


I said with a loud voice near her ear, so she could hear it.


「Aah? what are you saying!! I’m still not drunk enough right!?」




Aunty shouted and once again took the bottle of sake and began drinking it.


I thought for sure that aunty could immediately return us to the capital, so I was worried about what to do.


「Anyway, looks like you returned with a new child, what happens with that cute child?」


When I scratched my head, aunty suddenly asked me that.


That question made the faces of Aura and Trè gloomy, I also didn’t give an answer.


「……What’s wrong……?」


Aunty sensed the delicate aura, then changed her face from that of a  drunkard to a serious face.


「W-well, actually Lily is a princess of the demons, so she went home to the demon king’s castle……」


Because I was so depressed, I forgot to hide it and told aunty.




My words wrapped the situation in an indescribable mood.


With serious face, Aunty was looking down and concealed her eyebrows.


「……You didn’t stop it……?」


Aunty asked me in a low voice.

I felt that there was a little anger mixed in that voice. (ED: a chick has more balls then you!! )


「Actually, I already knew that Lily was a demon when we were in the capital」


When the king told me about that matter, I didn’t believe it.


Then when I heard it from Lily herself, I was surprised.


And when I knew about it, I decide to hide Lily from the demon.


But in the end, Lily went back to demon king’s castle by herself.


「And then, I was returned before I got an audience with demon king because I was hiding Lily. I’m glad Aura and Trè are safe, but……」




In the end, I said almost everything that happened to aunty.


「That’s why, Lily is not here…」


I also ended up looking at my feet at the end.


Or else, I will show my pathetic face to them. (Ed: your existence is pathetic)


Before I knew it, I was clasping my fist tightly.


Then, I could feel the blood flowing from my fist.




At that time, Aunty asked me such a thing.


I turned my gaze to aunty once again.


「What do you mean by “then”?」


I don’t know what aunty wanted to say.


「Like I said, I asked you what are you going to do」




We can’t do anything except to return to the capital right?


for you to ask this, you still drunk aren’t you……?


「……You’re not going to say we’ll go back just like this right……?」




Is there anything else we need to do?






「Etto, what else do we need to do……?」


I didn’t understand after all, so I decided to directly ask aunty.


「Right. what you need to do right now isーー」


then she grinned and smiled, then gave a pompous answer.


「Please, tell me quickly」


I got tired of waiting for aunty to say it, and urge her to tell me quickly.


Then, aunty finally opened her mouth.


「ーーis to drink sake」(Tn: and here I thought she will say to rescue Lily)(Ed: …..****ing wuss c’mon!)


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