Chapter 85

Please Give Me More Sake


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「Sa-sake is it……?」


I was quite surprised by what aunty said.


No, I was certainly not thinking of drinking sake, it was just a joke and I was seriously not thinking about that.


「Sake…… Tsu!」


As soon as she said that, she vigorously swung her hand down to the desk.




All people in the dining room, including us, turn their head this way and wondering what’s going on, then after we are getting used to this, we are resuming our chat at once.


「Listen, the sake here is good you know. I don’t want to going back home without drinking this!」


Aunty’s cheeks somewhat dyed to red.


Apparently, she already drunk because of the sake.


「Hora, you guys drink as well!」


「No no, Tre is still a child you know!」


I managed to stop aunty who urged Aura and Tre to drink somehow, then I told them to go back to the room first and let them away from this place.


Somehow aunty had a somewhat regrettable face when she saw them leave.


「Then, you will drink don’t you?」


However, it was only for a brief.


Now aunty was targeting me, and give me the sake.


I thought to refuse, I didn’t have any interest to be drunk for my first time drinking sake, but I thought it might be good to distract me from depressing mood, so I decided to drink the sake.




even though when I tried to think about it, It can’t be helped that I lose my nerve when I saw a big bottle placed in front of my eyes.


Aunty said, even a child can drink this much, that’s what she said, but I don’t know if it’s true or not.


It’s quite difficult just from smelling it, and the amount was quite a lot too.


However, I already resolute my mind, and drink the sake immediately.




Because I drank it at once, I didn’t know how much I drink, but even so, the moment when it entered my mouth, I received a tremendous shock from it.


S-so this is, sake……


When drank it for the first time, it tangled around my neck, and yet, it gradually spreading inside my body, that’s what I feel.




As I thought, I drank too much, it’s quite hard.


Even so, I didn’t want to stop drinking.


After I keep drinking, I thought I ended up forgetting something, something that stuck in my heart, a bad feeling,






I wonder how long had I been drinking.


I look at the top of the desk, and count the number of sake bottles that I drank.




How many is this?




No, five……?


For some reason, I can’t count the sake bottles.


What the heck is wrong with me?


Something interesting happens, the sake bottles move by itself……


「You drank pretty well too!」


「……Uugh, yes」


when I thought about it, aunty called me.


「It’s good right, this sake」


「Well, it’s pretty delicious」


After that, I reached for another bottle, but the bottle was taken by aunty instead.


「……What are you doing?」


I look at aunty and murmured at her.


It’s a terrible thing to do to take away the sake that other person tried to drink.


「Well, it will be good if we can talk for a bit」


「……It can’t be helped then」


I don’t know why, but I felt that my tongue is not turned well since a while ago, but it’s okay now.


「So, what do you want to talk about?」


「Hora, don’t be in such a hurry」


Aunty said to admonished me.


「……Then please give me more sake」


I want to quickly drink more sake.


I don’t have time to get on with something like this.


「Oh well, it can’t be helped then……」


Aunty lightly sighed, take a seat in front of me, and turned her face to me.


「…… You, about that kid, Lily, What are you going to do? 」


「……Even you asked me what to do……」


I really can’t do anything…… (Tn: yup, he really being a pussy here, even a pussy still have more guts than him)


Even Lily come to me, it will be a bother……


「……Then, let’s changed the question」




Changed, the question?


What are you saying, aunty?


Or rather, I saw 3 aunties since a while ago, I wonder if she doing something.


well, now, let’s listen to what she needs to say.






I wait for what will be aunty said next.


I wonder what will she asked me for.


「ーーWhat do you want to do about Lily……?」


Aunty looked at my face and asked me seriously.


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