Chapter 86

No, I Don’t Want To Let Her Go


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YouーーWhat do you want to do about Lily?


Aunty asked me with a serious face.


……I-I don’t want to let her go


My voice didn’t come out well because of the sake.


But that answer, I didn’t put any thought on it, and it came out of my mouth without permission.


That answer was just like what I said to maid-san in demon king castle, but it didn’t hold a concrete value, just a vague answer.


……Is it just that?


However, aunty wasn’t convinced.


Looking at the situation, at that moment, I tried to find something, but I couldn’t say what came to my mind to maid-san.


……I want, to cook


By chance, I heard a voice come to my ears.


There’s no way I would mistake that voice, no matter how much I hear it, it was my own voice.


Of course, I wasn’t going to say such a thing.


Even now, I kept thinking.


……I want, to go shopping


And yet, that voice didn’t stop.


I want to hold hands


I want to pet her head


I want to play together with everyone


I want to sleep together (Ed: dial for the police at this point boys)


I want to hug her


As if the voice had its own free will, it continued to overflow endlessly.




And finally, my words paused.


But I can feel my mouth opening again.


「ーーI don’t want to let her go


The last words that spilled from my mouth were, the same words I said before.


After I said it, I sank into silence as if my words were nothing but a lie.




I timidly looked at aunty, I could see her grinning, but once again she looked at me with serious eyes.


If there are so many things you want to do, then why did you leave her in the demon king’s castle?


And she said with a tone as if blaming me.


Is that really what you want to say to a kid that didn’t mean anything to you?




As soon as aunty finished what she said, before I noticed it, I was yelling at her.


But I didn’t bother to stop it.


I said what I shouldn’t say.


Lily is, important, an important part of family for me!!


The eyes gathered around us, but I didn’t care about it.


I’m getting irritated right now.


Then why did you give up so easily?


But aunty shot my anger down and said it.


Aunty didn’t understand after all.


「ーBecause, I don’t have any choice other than giving up! I also wanted to take Lily back you know!? But, I can’t!! Lily, it was Lily herself who decided to go home to the demon king’s castle, it can’t be helped you know!?


That’s right.


I also wanted to try harder!


But, if Lily herself wanted to do so, what am I supposed to do……!!


So what!!


When I was once again tortured by regret, aunty yelled at me.


If you are a man ーーー then force your way to get that woman!!(Tn: well, he is a pussy after all)(Ed: JUST DO IT! )




What aunty said was scrapping my spirits.


Aaah!! If you are a man, then show me by eloping until you are worn out!!(Tn: not sure about this 「あぁっ!!男なら、駆け落ちまがいのことでもやってみせてからグダグダ言えっ!!」)




But if I do such a thing, then Ethique who sent me here will be troubled.


But, it looks like what aunty said didn’t stop until there, she opened her mouth again.


Beside, you still haven’t met with demon king-sama right!? If that’s the case then tell himFather-in-law-san, please give your daughter to me!!』」




True, perhaps there’s still a chance.


I don’t know what kind of person demon king-sama is, but if it’s to not let Lily go, then I will try to do it.


I asked what should I do to aunty without thinking.


「ーYou seriously want to do it right?


Aunty asked me as if wanting to test me.


I’ll do it


I immediately gave positive answer to that question


So, now the problem is how to meet with demon king-sama?




We once again sat down properly, tidied up the sake bottle and cut to the chase.


If you want me to help you, then I will help you, but it’s better to go alone to show your sincerity after all.


Alone, is it……


Honestly, I’m anxious about it.


Well, I also think it’s unreasonable


Aunty sighed a little and thought something.


Meanwhile, I was looking at the empty sake bottle lined up neatly on the table.


『ーーHow about this?


Suddenly, Ethique’s words came to my mind.




I turned my face towards the aunty in front of me who was thinking hard about how to get to the demon king’s castle.


……As I thought, I need to go alone, by myself.




Aunty looked at me with a surprised face, and laughed lightly as if she relieved, looks like she never expected me to say such a thing,  


I didn’t know what the heck I looked like, but it was rude to laugh at other peoples faces.


Well, perhaps it couldn’t be helped.


Maybe my face showed that I was thinking about doing something outrageous.


Usually, I felt like I was not doing it, but well, maybe it just my imagination.


……You have a secret plan right?


Aunty asked me such a thing.


Of course


「ーーIt was obvious, wasn’t it


It was, for that guy.


Yup, it was for Jet Black Saviorsamaーーー.


(ED: I officially rename this chap as The great aunt who summons a hero!)


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