Chapter 87

I Will Go See Him Now


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I feel that aunty is more heroic than Nest.




Right now, I was walking slowly in the dark by myself.


Looks like it has become evening after drinking with aunty.


After I finished talking with aunty, I prepared the black cloak which I received from Ethique from my baggage.


Leaving only a few words to aunty, I was now heading towards the demon king’s castle.




There were no signs of people, just me inside the darkness.


I quietly looked down at the black cloak I was wearing.


……No, no way


I wanted to believe this black cloak looked cool because of the sake.


Incidentally, I used recovery magic to heal myself from the hangover, but it was unusual for it to not be effective.


Otherwise, there’s was no way this black cloak would look so cool.


……Well, it certainly easier to move in the dark


I think it’s okay to admit that part.


The black cloak I used before had poor quality, it stood out in the dark because it had a bit of color .


But the thing that I got from Ethique was a high-class item.


Everything was completely dyed with a single color, the only thing with a different color was the name embroidered on it.


That way, I should be able to act without standing out in the dark and not feel ashamed about it.


I smiled and started to walk slowly once again.


Etto, this is the place right……?


While I was trying not to get lost, I was thinking about one thing.


That was, the way to get Lily out of the castle.


Of course, It’ll be easy to get inside the castle.


It wasn’t a lie, it’s all thanks to my recovery magic.


So, there is no problem getting in, but the problem was what to do after that.


I didn’t really think about it before because I was drunk, I also refused help from aunty, but honestly, I didn’t know what to do.




I ended up groaning because I didn’t have a good plan.


But, doing such a thing doesn’t mean a good plan will come out.


It may cause inconveniences for others, but maybe it is necessary to do it by force like aunty said, of course that was a last resort.


Also, if they find out that I was the one who took Lily out, the damage will be not limited to Ethique, I’m sure the relationship between demons and humans will be affected.


It’s true aunty said such a thing, but it must be because she was drunk like me.


Should I go back and ask for help to aunty……?(ed:well she does have more ball than you so…)


But, I was the one who said that I didn’t need help, it will be embarrassing to ask for it.


Demon king-sama will be back in two days


While I thought about this and that, I remember what maid-san told me.


If I remember correctly, it was said two days ago.


Then, perhaps demon king-sama has already returned.


And, maybe what aunty said will happen.


If demon king sama was an open-minded person, he will allow me to take Lily, and it will end up without any trouble.


I took that as a possibility and began to walk towards the demon king’s castle again.


I was able to see the demon castle as I gradually approach.


At the time I was leaving, the mood was swallowed by disappointment, but now it became somewhat better because there was a little hope in it.




I lightly breath out in front of the demon king’s castle that grew closer.


It was to calm myself from the tension.


……Well, it’s harsh


I suddenly felt nervous doing such a thing.


On the other hand, there was no one around here, only a chilly night wind shaking the branches of a dead tree.


Ah, this is not necessary. right……?


I take out my favorite knife from the black cloak.


Right now, the one who I need to meet was Lily’s father, demon king-sama.


To show a little sincerity, it’s not good to bring a weapon.


Not only that, it will be bad if I hurt someone who was guarding the demon king’s castle.


In other words, what I need to do was to reach Lily’s father’s place, without any weapons, and to not hurt the guards. These three.




If I was an ordinary person, then what I’m doing from now on will be considered reckless.


But I have something special that other people don’t.


No matter how deep the wound, I will be able to heal it with recovery magic.


So, all I have to do was to keep running until I reached where Lily’s father was.




When I thought about such a thing, I was in front of the gate.


By the way, There was no gatekeeper somehow, so I went to the front door without any difficulty.


……It’s okay. Because I’m not Nestright now(Tn: is it just me or he is really an idiot. everybody should be able to guess who take Lily from the castle even if he wears that cloak) (Ed: He is tho..)


I muttered in a low voice.


Before I continued, I shut my mouth.


I feel as though the other me won’t come out this way.


That’s why, I muttered in my mind.


From now on I wasーー


ーーTheJet Black Savior


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