Chapter 88

It Seems It Was Just My Misunderstanding


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I was finally able to infiltrate the demon king’s castle, and I opened the door while trying not make as much noise as possible.


……Is there anyone here? (Ed:facepalm)


When I looked inside, there was no one there.


But, that is convenient for me.


I decided to search for demon king-sama.


……Ha, ha……Heal tsu……!


There was a time when I thought it would be easy to look for demon king-sama.


But right now, I am being chased by guards.


Some ran with their feet, and others were chasing me by flying with their wings.


I was desperately running, but I was still looking for where demon king-sama is.


Thief over there, STOP!!


I heard an angry voice from behind, furthermore, they threw a weapon to me.


It goes without saying, the jet black cloak already has several holes and a dark red spot on it.


I will recover when I got injured.


I kept running like a bad guy, and the demons who chased me still couldn’t catch up.


……Haa, did I shake them off……?


I used recovery magic to fix my breathing, I looked back and there was no one there.


I can run earnestly because of my recovery magic, also there’s only a long corridor as far as I can see.


But they found me.


I’m sure they already shared the information throughout the demon king’s castle.


In that case, I need to find demon king-sama as soon as possible.


…But, I can’t find him


I kept running while using recovery magic, I kept looking for a room that looks like demon king-sama’s room, but all the door looked the same, I can’t find the room.




In the middle of an unchanging hallway, I found a door with a little decoration on it.


There’s no way this was demon king king-sama’s room, but just to make sure, I approached the door.


Gacan”door sfx”




However, When I tried to touch the door, someone opened the door from the inside.


I stepped back right away and look at the other person coming out of the room.




What came out of the room was the maid who guided me to the entrance of demon king castle.


……Are youNest-sama?


As soon as the maid noticed me, she narrowed her eyes for a moment, but immediately returned to being expressionless like usual and guessed the Jet Black Saviorwas me.




I don’t know what to say and froze on the spot, I became dumbfounded when she noticed my true identity.


……No, it seems it just my misunderstanding. Excuse me


Suddenly maid-san said such a thing and bowed slightly.


I didn’t know why maid-san doing such a thing, it was so confusing.


The demon king-sama’s room is over there. The location is a little bit complicated, but you’ll know as soon as you get there






Maid-san returned to her room and carefully closed the door before I could say anything,  




I wonder what’s with that just now.


Maybe she knew it was me.


And yet, despite not doing anything, she showed me the location of demon king-sama’s room.


……Thank you very much


I leave a thank you with a small voice and searched for demon king-sama’s room again, I didn’t know whether she can hear it or not, but if possible I wish she could.


Even so, maid-san already taught me the way, so it will be easy.


I went to the direction where maid-san taught me, it certainly complicated, but apparently there was one door different than the other.


……Etto, Heal


It’s not like I was tired, but just in case, I used recovery magic.


Yosh, then let’s go……


After I decided so, I touched the handle of the big door.


I felt the cold from the door just by touching it.


I’m glad I calmed down my excited feeling just now even for a little bit.


……Well, I need to give my best……


I put a strength in my arms and slowly opened that heavy door.


All of this is to bring Lily back.


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