Chapter 89

You Deserve A Praise


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I finally open the door of the room where demon king-sama is supposed to be.




I open the heavy door, but there was only one chair inside the room.


It’s quite surprising, I thought it would be a messy place.


However, something else surprised me.


Right now, demon king-sama sat on the only chair in the room, I somehow know demon king-sama.


he was the uncle who helped me when I was attacked by the dragon before.


「ーWelcome. You little being」


The whisper of demon king-sama echoed inside the room.


Apparently, demon king sama didn’t know nor cared who I was.


「……Ah, yes」


I replied spontaneously.


The open door bothered me, so I closed it.


It’s to not get noticed by the guards from earlier.


Of course, even if I do this, it will only buy a little more time.


「Don’t worry. There is a barrier around this room and only those who have a lot of magic power can enter. They are excellent subordinates, but they still can’t enter the barrier」


he read my worries from my action and immediately told me.


However, demon king-sama didn’t use a gentle tone like before, he released a dignified aura like demon king-sama should.


「ーyou deserve praise, being able to slip through my subordinates and coming this far. However, it will become trouble for the guards. If you understand then it would be best if you leave. I will overlook it this time」




Demon king-sama said and made a black thing floating from his hand.


He then spread his huge jet-black wings from his back to threaten me.




I was at a loss on taking off this cloak or not.


If I take off this cloak then I’m sure demon king-sama will recognize me and may hear my story.


But more than that, I didn’t want to reveal my identity as 『Jet Black Savior』.


「ーWhat’s wrong with you little being? Do you want to fight me so much?」 (ed: wreck him!!!)


Even though I was thinking of such a thing, the story still went on.




With this, it can’t be helped except to reveal the identity of 『Jet Black Savior』.


「Father. Are you okay!?」


「Ugh Ha!!??」


When I tried to remove the jet black cloak to reveal 『Jet Black Savior』identity, the door right behind me opened with a full force.


And of course, because I was in front of the door, I get hit by the door and was blown away to the front of demon king-sama.




Demon king-sama didn’t think it will be turned out this way either, he became silent and dumbfounded.




I cast recovery magic and looked towards the opened door.


「Is that the enemy!?」


Parfecto hime over there.


As demon king-sama’s daughter, it’s obvious for Parfecto hime to not affected by a barrier.


Well, I never expected that she would come so early.


「Parfecto, calm down」


Demon king-sama tried to calm Parfecto hime who lost her composure.


The floating thing on his palm has disappeared and the wings were gone.




I put strength to my legs and stood up while demon king-sama tried to calm Parfecto hime.




However, as soon as I stood up, the cloak was fell off because of the damage so far.


Currently, demon king-sama is in front of me and Parfecto hime is behind me.


It was obvious what would happen if my black cloak falls off in this situation.


「Hnn, why are you……」


「Y-you are……!!」


As I thought, demon king-sama remembers me, he looked at me with surprise.


And Parfecto hime frowns as if she saw something disgusting.


「Hnn, do you know Parfecto?」


「Fa-father, do you know him……?」


However, they were both surprised that we knew each other.


demon king-sama looked at me as if asking “did something happen”.




I noticed Parfecto hime was looking at me severely, I narrowed my eyes slightly.


「……Let’s hear what has happened」


Demon king-sama guessed that something happened and asked both of us.


Parfecto hime began to tremble and look down.




Demon king-sama aura began to dominating again, and I could only nod.


「Actuallyーー」 (ED: GIVE ME YOUR DAUGHTER!  )


And then I started talking about my reason for coming here.


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