Chapter 91

It’s Recovery Magic, is there something wrong?


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「Please cut my arm」


When I said that, I remembered that I said the same things in the guild before.


「……Fumu, if you say so, I’ll do it. But rather than cut it, wouldn’t it better to erase it?」




demon king-sama stayed quiet, waiting for my confirmation.


I raised my voice until I surprised Parfecto hime beside me, but I didn’t care. (Ed: picture him screaming for like a minute straight)


I nodded and waited for demon king-sama to erase my arm.




Then, after demon king-sama who was eager to do it, covered my arm with a black object.




 Blood started dripping from my arm and a pool of blood formed on the floor.


Parfecto hime’s face turned blue after seeing it.


「Wha-what are you doing no ja!?」


She was frightened and drew closer.


「……Etto, heal?」


I thought I was doing something bad, but I still used recovery magic like usual.






On the other hand, both of them showed different expressions.


First, demon king-sama seemed impressed by the new arm growing due to my recovery magic.


As for Parfecto hime, her eyes were wide open after looking at my regenerated arm.


「……Etto, it’s more or less like this」


I can’t leave them like this, so I called them out.


「Wha-what just happened?」


Though, unlike demon king-sama who was impressed by my recovery magic, Parfecto hime was still flabbergasted.


「……Eh, it’s just recovery magic, is there something wrong?」(Tn: lol kaifuku mahou desu kedo, nanika? it’s a pun of “kumo desu kedo, nanika?” or “Vilager desu kedo, nanika?”) (Ed: It’s legit healing no worries)




Parfecto hime was shocked by my answer.


「That’s amazing」


And finally, demon king-sama said something to me.


「Indeed, with this recovery magic, even demons can be healed」


He praised me while nodding.




However, even with this, Parfecto hime somehow had a face that looked like she wasn’t convinced.


But she saw my recovery magic, so she can’t say anything anymore.


「Yosh, it can surely cure Lily’s cold, bring her here Parfecto」




However, Parfecto hime’s face turned blue again as she looked down after hearing what demon king-sama said.


「Hn, what’s wrong Parfecto? Hurry up and bring Lily here」


Demon king-sama urged Parfecto hime who didn’t respond to his words.


「ーーThat’s not necessary」


Then, a voice came from behind.




When I looked at the door,  a woman wearing a dress was standing there .




I thought for a second, who could that woman be and narrowed my eyes.


And the result, the woman who was wearing a dress and standing there, no matter how I looked at it ーーーー It was maid-san.


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