Chapter 92

I Never Saw It Before

Translator: Kirisaki Shin

Editor: Frozen Ink


「……Eh…… Eeeeh!?」


no matter how I see it, the one who entered the room wearing a beautiful dress was maid-san.


It was also the maid who told me the location of the room and took care of me a lot before.


「…… It’s, ma-maid-san, right?」


I timidly asked demon king-sama and Parfecto-hime.


「Ah, right, she is my wife, but…?」




Etto, what do you mean?


Isn’t she maid-san……?


De-demon king-sama’s wife……?


「Wh-what do you mean……?」


I thought it was possible, but I timidly asked demon king-sama.


「My wife dreams of being a maid, so I asked her to be a maid」




Is that normal……? (Ed: welcome to the world of fetish)


I don’t know what kind of attitude I should use because I thought she was just a maid-san.


I might have been doing something rude or doing a lot of bad things before.


And I wonder, what she meant by 『There’s no need to bring Lily here』just now.




I don’t know what to say, so I kept quiet like Parfecto hime.


「Hn, why don’t we need to bring lily here?」


At that exact moment, demon king-sama asked what I wanted to ask


A bad feeling passed my head and made my body stiff.


「That isーー」


Finally, maid-san, or demon king-sama’s wife opened her mouth.


I wonder what she’ll say.


It felt very long until demon king-sama’s wife answered.


「ーー I think she will come here by herself」




I slowly looked at her face when I heard her.


「Ju-just now, what did you say……?」


I noticed it, but I asked her again.


「Lily said she’ll come here by herself, is there something wrong?」


Maid-san answered with no expression like usual.


But I couldn’t be relieved without thinking about that words.


「But I heard Lily got a cold?」


Then demon king-sama raises his voice.


If I remember correctly, parfecto hime said that Lily had a cold but……


Demon king-sama and I looked at Parfecto hime who was looking down.


Whether she guessed our glances or not, Parfecto hime’s shoulder started shaking.


「Lily does not have a cold, so please rest assured」




Then why would Parfecto hime say such a thing?


Well, I’m glad if Lily is fine but……


「Then what is this all about?」


so it’s like that, demon king-sama become curious and asked Parfecto hime.




Parfecto hime barely raises her face, but she just say that and became quiet again.




During that time, I wasn’t able to do anything and just watched what happened.


「……Hmm, so what exactly happened?」


Demon king-sama thought Parfecto hime wouldn’t tell him more than that and asked his wife.


「it will be better if you hear it from Lily herself」


However, she didn’t tell us.


Demon king-sama restrained himself from asking again and decide to hear it from Lily herself.




Even if she says so, I wonder when will Lily come.


I am not going to ask demon king-sama whether he cares about it or not.


「Etto, where is Lily……?」


I unintentionally asked demon king-sama’s wife.


「Perhaps, she will be here soon」


However, demon king-sama’s wife only said that and didn’t give me the answer I hoping for.


「……Oh, okay」


I can’t ask anymore and became quiet again.




In the end, we didn’t talk anything and let the time pass.




I can’t hold it anymore and sigh.




At that exact moment, I felt like I heard something collapse from somewhere far away.




I look at the direction of the sound, but nothing changed because of the door.


I take a look around, demon king-sama’s wife didn’t react to it particularly, Parfecto hime was shaking her shoulder like before and when I look at demon king-sama, surprisingly he also wonders what happened just like me.


「……What was that?」


Demon king-sama looked at his wife and asked, but she doesn’t answer or do something, she just expressionless like before.




Demon king-sama was ignored, he made a dejected face but he immediately pulled himself as if it was nothing.








While doing such a thing, the sound continues to ring, and the sound was getting closer and closer.


Every time the sound came closer, not only Parfecto hime, but I and demon king-sama’s shoulder were shaking.


Only demon king-sama’s wife didn’t care about such a thing and remained expressionless as usual.




And I finally felt that sound, no, that roar was near this room.




And then, when the roar was heard, demon king-sama’s wife has moved aside.


Although I don’t know why but didn’t particularly care either, I thought that roaring sound was more important.




At that time, I didn’t know why, but the door came to mind.


I kept looking at the door.


During that time, I didn’t hear the sound like a while ago and was relieved.






However, when I let my guard down, it came.


When I noticed it, the door I was looking at before, was headed towards me.




And then, the door which was supposed to be there………… blew me away.


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