Chapter 93

It’s Not Fun At All


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I was hit by the door that had a lot of momentum behind it, and I couldn’t do anything about it.


The door that hit me still went on without losing any of its momentum.


In other words, I was blown away with it.




The air was blown away with the door, and with my back hitting something hard, I was attacked by a tremendous pressure. (Tn: Is it just me or there’s something gay in it) (Ed: or a super saiyan showed up)


I tried to move my head to see , and apparently, I was caught between the door and a wall.


Furthermore, the momentum was terrible, my body’s stuck to the wall.




I touched my creaking body and somehow managed to heal myself.


But my body was still stuck on the wall.




If I waited, I’m sure demon king sama and the rest would come help me out, so I don’t need to force my way out.


And there might be something in this room right now, so it was more convenient this way.




While thinking, I took a deep breath.




Suddenly there was a small voice in the room.




I wonder whose voice that was just now……




That voice came into my ears, and that voice felt familiar .




I know whose sobbing voice this is.


I don’t even need to make sure whose voice is thisーー




ーーIt was Lily’s voice.


Apparently, Lily is the one who coming into this room just now.


In that case, perhaps Lily was leaping towards the door, but that’s not important


What’s more important is why Lily said such a thing.


『Liar』 I don’t know who “it” was intended for.


I tried to get out and moved my limbs, but looks like I can’t get out, so I decided to obediently listen to the conversation.


「……Etto, what’s wrong Lily?」


Perhaps demon king-sama understood the tension in the air, so he tried to calm Lily.


I’m sure demon king-sama is also puzzled because he don’t know what was going on.


Maid-san, no that’s wrong, demon king-sama’s wife seems to know what happened, but it seems likely that she will not be doing anything.


Also because I didn’t hear Parfecto hime’s voice, she probably  knows what really happened.




When I was thinking about such a thing, I heard Lily’s screaming.


「…… Eh……」


Oh, maybe that was demon king-sama’s voice.


I’m sure Lily is running away and he wasn’t able to calm her down.


The image of a dejected demon king-sama comes to mind.


However, the conversation was still going on.


「……Onee-chan is a liar!!」


Apparently the 『Liar』Lily said before was for parfecto hime.


Perhaps that’s why her face was turning pale.


「She said I was going to have fun, but it’s not fun at all!!」




Nobody said anything to what Lily said.


I’m still stuck between the door and the wall and can’t go out.


「Also, why was Nest going back!?」


I was surprised because my name was suddenly called.


Looks like the reason Lily got angry at Parfecto hime is because she didn’t have fun and because she had driven me out.


「……Tte are……?」


But parfecto hime said Lily going back by her own will right……?


So why she care about me now.




When I was confused about what Lily say, She once again said 『Liar』


Moreover, I don’t know why, but she is crying now.


……Perhaps it’s because what Parfecto hime said to her.


I held my breath and waited for what will Lily said while still stuck between the door and the wall.




Lily maybe trying to endure her tears, but I could still hear it.




the sobbing stopped a little.


Perhaps she’ll tell us whose the 『Liar』 now.


I gently held my fist between the door and the wall.


「ーーーーー liiiaaaarrr!!!!」




The moment Lily started  yelling, I knew that my body was jumping out weirdly.


It’s all because of what Lily said.


What Lily said was


Nest, you liarーーーー



(Ed: knowing a person via how they sob sounds wrong no matter how you picture it. That’s a new level of low you got going nest….)


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