Chapter 94

Enough, Get Out Of My Way


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Nest, you liarー.


For a moment I didn’t understand what Lily said.


Not because it was different from what I expected, but it was because of something else, it filled my body with emotion.




I can’t do anything because I was sandwiched between the wall and the door, but because of that, Lily didn’t notice I was in here.


But still, Lily said my name.


「……I’m, a liar ……?」


I whispered so no one could hear me.


And started thinking at the same time.


What kind of lie did I say to Lily? (Tn: about you are not a lolicon?)


I desperately traced my memory.


However, no matter how much I thought about it, I still couldn’t remember.


「……hiku… you lying Nest…… hiku!!」


I heard Lily crying again.


But why did Lily say that I’m lying.


ーー No good.


I really can’t remember.


I wasn’t able to hold my impatient and frustration.


「……Liar…… hiku……Liar…… hiku…!」


Lily kept muttering.


「…… What on earth happened Lily?」


Demon king-sama made up his mind and asked Lily.


I was grateful, as I didn’t understand the situation and can’t move right now.




There’s still no reply from Lily.


The amount of time I waited for Lily to answer felt very long.


The door in front of me somehow feels heavier.


「ーー Princess」


Then Lily finally muttered something.




But still, with that alone, I honestly couldn’t understand a thing.


I wonder what she meant by that.




looks like demon king-sama also thought the same thing and asked Lily.




And she became quiet again.


I feel power naturally build up in my arms.




I wonder how much time has passed.


Lily finally opened her mouth.


「ーwas longing for a princess」




I, what……?


Lily only said that and was quiet again.


I stare at the door.


「……That’s why, that’s why Lily became a princess like this…… hiku!!」


Then, I heard Lily’s voice again.


I tried to trace my memories regarding what Lily said again.


ーI remember now.


Maybe this is what Lily means.


It was the night before Lily disappeared.


『……I asked about this before, but Nest is longing for a princess right……?』


『……Yes, I long for them……?』


That’s what I answered when Lily asked me who was still half asleep.  


…… I Actually just remembered a while ago.


But since I didn’t mind it, I never thought that will be the reason.


Nobody would think such a thing will be the reason.


But for Lily, it wasn’t just『such a thing』.


It’s simple.




I never thought I’d laugh at myself.


I wonder how many times I keep making such blunders.


I do it a lot, don’t I?


Think about what Lily feelsーー they say,


I’ve never thought about it before and I know I can’t help it even now.


Still, why didn’t I realize till now?


I will never realize it until Lily says it herself, and it makes me sick.


「ーー I wonder If Lily’s just an abandoned child」




it’s not good to say such a thing.


「I wonder if it’s it okay to stay in here……」


Lily is not at fault after all.


「Perhaps it’s better like this」


Don’t say anything anymore……


「Nest doesn’t like Lily anymore after all……」


Lily’s hoarse voice was very unpleasant.


That time, something inside me, something hot inside me, the things that swirling in my chest coming up.




I was screaming before I realize it.


I didn’t say it to Lily.


I’m not saying it to Parfecto hime, and of course not to demon king sama nor his wife either.


It’s to『myself』who didn’t realize how Lily feelsー.


It’s to『myself』who didn’t remember such a thingー.


It’s to 『myself』who made Lily came hereー.


And above all, it’s to『myself』who made Lily cryー.




I tried to get out from being stuck with all I got.




I used recovery magic when I was tired and kept thinking of ways to get out.




Soon after that, I felt it move a little.


However, there were no signs of it moving afterward, even after pushing it in other directions.


Tap, tapーー


Then, I heard footsteps.


I didn’t mind it and kept trying to get out.




Suddenly, someone lifted the door in front of me……………




The one who released me from between the door and the wall, and looked at me with her eyes wide open wasーー Lily.  



Ed note: has nest finally realized he was being a flag planting twat? has he finally grown balls? will lily’s family ever realize that they have weird fetishes? TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT! maybe….


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