Chapter 95

Please Give Me Your Daughter


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Lily was the one who lifted the door.


She easily lifted the door that I was desperately trying to move.




Unlike the innocent Lily that I know, her fragile voice made it seem as if she was restraining herself somehow.




The fact that it was me who made her like that, it feels really awkwards.


「……I’m sorry」


Feeling as if we were alone, I say so to Lily.


「……Lily, I will try harder so you won’t feel abandoned anymore……Soー」


ーDon’t leave me.


Lily started shedding tears, as her hands try to reach me.


But her hands were too short, so she couldn’t reach me yet.


But Lily, herself, didn’t try to come any closer, and yet, those small hands still wandered in empty space.


「……I’m sorry」


I apologized to Lily who was extending her hands while hanging her face down.


「I didn’t properly think about what Lily feels」


I didn’t even notice it until someone told me.


「Also, there are a lot of things that I don’t understand, even if I try to think about it」


Even when I try to think about Lily’s feeling, there are a lot of things I still don’t understand.


「If, if you are okay with useless guy like meー」


I close my eyes and extended my arms.


I extended my arms little by little.




I faintly felt something touching  my fingertip


Then, I embraced it and held it tight.


It let me embrace it without resistance.


I slowly opened my eyes and lifted my face.


Lily also looked at me and lifted her face just like me.


While I was looking back to Lily, I said.


「Please stay with me, from now on until forever and everー」


At the same time I say that words, I grasped her hands tightly with everything I got.


Lily grasped my hands and tears paint her smile.




Perhaps this is the most innocent smile she ever made.




「ーーWell then, let’s talk about what will we do next」




I was about to start talking with demon king-sama.




By the way, Lily was clinging and rubbing my head like before.




For some reason, Parfecto hime looking at me with a bitter expression, but I will ignore her for now.


「What will you do from now on Nest?」


Demon king-sama asked me while slightly smiling bitterly.


「……I will go back to the capital」


I’m already behind the schedule, Ethique and the rest must be worried.


Aura and the rest were waiting for us at the inn, it’ll be better to hurry.


「Hmm, that’s good, but what are you going to do with Lily?」


Demon king-sama looked at Lily while his hand was touching his chin.




When demon king-sama looked at Lily, she quickly hid from his gaze using my body.




Please don’t look at me like that demon king-sama……


「Well then, jokes aside, will you take Lily, Nest-san?」


Then, demon king-sama’s wife asked that question to me.




How should I answer it?


It’s obvious that I’ll take Lily, she also wanted me to do so, but I don’t know if demon king-sama and the rest will permit it or not.


It’s necessary to choose my words properly.




I felt anxious when everything suddenly became quiet, my eyes met with Lily who hugging me more tightly.


There are only traces of her crying, but it’s all in the past.


When I think about it, I can’t help but loosen my cheeks.


……Ah, come to think of it, aunty taught me what to say at the time like this.


Rather than the words that I thought off, it’ll be better to use the words from the elders.


I recall what aunty said at the inn.


Right, what aunty said should beー


「Father! Please give me your daughter!!」



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