Chapter 96

No Matter How Serious I Use My Power, It’s Still Weaker Than Lily  


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Aaaah, that’s terrible, but maybe it was quite fun?


We were heading to the capital using carriage right now.


Lily was still relaxing on my lap like usual.


Well, anyway, we were able to leave demon country safely.


After I said Please give me your daughterto demon king-sama, it became terrible.


First of all, Parfecto hime begin to rampage, then demon king-sama put his hands on the floor and murmuredSo the time has come……, and in the end, demon king-sama’s wife who should have been expressionless as usual put her hand on her mouth and somehow smile delightfully.


Of course, I didn’t know why it became a misunderstanding, but demon king-sama’s wife told me the meaning of the word I just said…… but just like I said before, it was just a misunderstanding.


I mean, I didn’t know that those words had such a meaning and I didn’t say it with an ulterior motive.   


……It’s true you know?


Well, after that, it took so much time to solve all the misunderstandings, but I managed to solve it somehow.


Then once again I spoke with demon king-sama and the rest for a while and got permission to take Lily.


But with the condition, I need to promise to bring Lily back sometimes, but since Parfecto hime’s eyes become bloodshot, maybe it’s better to bring Lily back as often as possible.


And then, since Ethique might be worried about us, we left the demon country within that day, and demon king-sama and the rest sent us off.


Ah, come to think of it, isn’t it because aunty I got such horrible experience……?


While I thought about it again, I remember that matter, so I sat beside aunty who was pulling the reins and glared at her.


Is that so?




Aunty didn’t pay attention to my words and continued pulling the reins.


Or rather, I don’t know why you came up with such a thing……


I just did as she said! And if I thought about it, I felt stupid for willingly doing it, I never thought that those words had such meaning.


Eh, that’s what my husband said when we were getting married though




I was surprised by what aunty said.


I was surprised because it’s because of that words Lily can relax at my lap.


Eh, you were married……?


Although it may be rude, I can’t believe she was already married.


Aah, it’s what you call youth


While she looking somewhere far away, aunty feels nostalgic remembering the past, I also nodded deeply.


B-by the way, do you have a child……?


I was curious, so I timidly asked her.


I have, there’s only one though




I make a strange voice because of how surprised I am.


But it can’t be helped for me to be surprised.


Even though it was already surprising for her to be married, but even to have a child……


I never thought that she, who drunk sake like crazy, would be able to be able to do that.


Do you know Ethique?




I felt like I heard the name of a wrong person just now, was I just mishearing it?


I-if that’s true than was aunty also……


Th-that’s the king right……?


As I thought, it was bothering me, it can’t be helped if I asked for it.


So you know after all. Well, that’s how it is(Tn: what kind of a king who let his mother be a coachman. Also, he made her drive someone not so important to dangerous place)


……You can’t be serious……


……Re-really, so that’s how it is.


B-but then why are you doing this?


I don’t understand why Ethique let his mother work as a coachman.


I begged my son. It’s because I can’t go outside unless at the times like this




It’s really like Ethique, for him to let his mother do that for such reason, isn’t it……?


I mean if that’s not the case then he will not let me do it right……?


If I am in aunty’s position, I will not let myself do that, because it would trouble Ethique.


Well, it was more interesting this way


You shouldn’t do that you know!?


Maybe Ethique has such personality because he has aunty’s blood in his vein.


Or rather, it’s probably absolutely true.


I was thinking such a thing while seeing aunty smile happily beside me.




When I took a little break because I was tired of sitting and to let the horses rest, Lily got up and sat on my lap.


The night has come to end, and now it’s getting brighter.


Nest, can we go over there?


Lily pulled my hand and pointed her other hand to the slightly big rock.


Because there was nothing to do, I accompanied Lily to relax.  


Yosh, let’s go!


Then, when we arrived at the rock, Lily suddenly put her hand on the rock.


It was in the form called arms wrestling.


If you look closely, it was a flat rock that’s perfect for arms wrestling.


We-well, I……!?


It was already too late to run away.


I firmly grasped my leg with the hand that was not on the rock.




Lily was wearing a big smile for me who was hardened.


I couldn’t do anything and sat across the rock on the opposite side of Lily.


Ara, that looks interesting


Oh, that’s right


Before we knew it, Aura and Tre were coming closer.


When I looked around, I saw aunty looking here while grinning.




I unintentionally sighed.


Aura was trying to signal the start of the game and Tre was excitedly looking at us.


And Lily was holding my hand in front of me.


When I look at them, I guess it’s fun, isn’t it? probably not though.




Then Aura signaled the beginning of the game between me and Lily with a cheerful voice.


As the resultーー it’s okay not to say it right?


……Aah, but let me say this at least.


No matter how serious I used my power, it’s still weaker than Lily.


I wonder if it’s just me who was overwhelmed by Lily’s power rather than demons.


I thought of such a thing while looking up at the skyーー.


Author note:

Good evening m(_ _)m

I guess Lily’s arc (?) more or less is over……

Lily’s arc was so difficult to write……

Since I received various pointer such as political things, I thought maybe it’s okay to fixed it.

Thank you to everyone who read it so far.

Things will keep going on from here, but I’d still be happy to have all you readers to wish me well.

I wonder what kind of story should I make next……


Ed: ……. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)   gad damnit.. your balls were a lie! your brain is a lie! (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻         even lily is pissed!

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