Chapter 97

Inside The Room


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Aah, we’ve finally arrived……


I was looking at the path we’ve passed a while ago.


I’m sure there’s still traces of this carriage behind and I think I see a big building ahead.

That was the castle where Ethique lives.


ーーYup, in short, we’ve arrived at the city where Ethique would be waiting for us.




I was tired after a long journey, and Lily was asleep on my lap as usual.


Moreover, she gently held the hem of my clothes.


If you look around a bit, there was Tre and Aura sleeping side by side.




I used recovery magic on everyone one by one.


I heard from aunty that Ethique already told her about my recovery magic, so I didn’t need to rephrase it toRefresh.


When I used recovery magic on Lily, a smile appeared on her face, maybe because it feels good.


Tre and Aura were also like that, it seems they were pretty tired.


After relieving their fatigue, I looked at aunty.


We will stop soon right?


From what I’ve heard before, aunty will drop us off near the castle, so I double checked.


Yup, that’s right. I need to return the carriage after all.


Aunty said that while looking at me.


It was surprising since aunty who was the king’s mother would return the carriage herself.


I didn’t tell her, but Ethique is kinda like her I think, even though that kind of job is not surprising for a cab driver, it still quite surprising for her to do that.


Then, thank you very much


We got down from the carriage and said thank you to aunty.


Aunty says not to mind it and went to return the carriage. We went to the opposite direction.


We saw her off until we couldn’t see the carriage anymore, then we turned around and went to the entrance of the castle.


We were stopped by the guards on the way, but since Ethique already told them something, they let me pass after I lightly explained the situation.


……Eh, it’s this way right?


There is no way a maid would be around like before, so we slowly passed through the corridor while following our memories.


Oh, isn’t it nest-sama and co?


I met a maid who seemed to be cleaning while we were walking down the corridor.


Ah, hello. Etto, I’d like to see the king, but……


I noticed it when I saw Aura and the rest.


Their clothes were a little bit dirty, maybe it’s because the time spent on the carriage was too long.


I didn’t mind, but as expected, the girls are sensitive about things like this.


……That’s what I thought, but can I borrow some clothes? It’s for 3 people though


Ah, yes. then please come this way


I was asking the maid to look at the 3 people behind me, as soon as she knew what I meant, she guided Aura and the rest.


Well then, I will go to see the king first, so please take care of them


When I said my thanks towards the back of the maid, she turned around and bowed.


And then she immediately guided Aura and the rest once again.


……Let’s go then


I turned around and began walking in the familiar corridor alone.


Etto, it’s here right……?


After walking for a while, I saw a familiar door and stopped my legs.


Unlike the ordinary doors, the door to Ethique’s room has a bit of decoration on it.


Well, excuse me


I just thought I needed to report to Ethique as soon as possible, so I opened the door without checking inside.




As I thought it’d be like this, Inside the dim room, it represents Ethique’s hobby.


I was looking atitinside the room and silently thought.


Inside the roomーーー the『Jet-Black Saviorwas standing.





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