Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 106 New Update


Sorry for a bit late this time.

I was quite busy lately.

and for a few months ahead I will be quite busy as well.

so I thought I will release at least 1-2 ch a month.


Don’t worry, I will try to clear my tasks as soon as possible and get back to translate.

also, after I finished my tasks, I and Shizuku will make a lot of change with the website.

we will make the web loading faster, change the theme, etc.

We will make Shinku Novels great again!


Oh right!

I’m sure this chapter will ended up happily for Nest hater.

I was laughing out loud in real life when translating this chapter.

Lol spoiler….


Also, currently we are looking for a translator.

You can bring your own novel here.

we have a crew that ready to help you all the time.

So if you are interested, go ahead and join us on our discord server!


Without further ado, here’s chapter 106, Enjoy!



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