Table Of Content


Seijo no Kaifuku Mahou ga Dou Mitemo Ore no Rekkaban na Ken ni Tsuite




Chapter 68 Shall We Dance……?

Chapter 69 Ah, Yes

Chapter 70 Let’s Give Up Already

Chapter 71 I didn’t want to bid a farewell to Lily

Chapter 72 This Is How Elderly Is

Chapter 73  It’s Something Bouncy

Chapter 74 As Expected, She Is a Child But She Is a Demon

Chapter 75 I Pushed Lily

Chapter 76 Unknown Ceiling

Chapter 77 I-It’s Wonderful

Chapter 78 I Gently Closed The Door

Chapter 79 As Expected of a Princess

Chapter 80 Try To Think Carefully

Chapter 81 My Selfish Conviction

Chapter 82 That Was Irrelevant In Front Of Love

Chapter 83 I’m Sure I Will Cry

Chapter 84 What I Need To Do

Chapter 85 Please Give me More Sake

Chapter 86 I Don’t Want To Let Her Go

Chapter 87 I Will Go See Him Now

Chapter 88 It Seems It was Just My Misunderstanding

Chapter 89 You Deserve A Praise

Chapter 90 It’s A Little Strange Desu

Chapter 91 It’s Recovery Magic, Is There Something Wrong?

Chapter 92 I Never Saw It Before

Chapter 93 It’s Not Fun At All

Chapter 94 Enough, Get Out Of My Way

Chapter 95

Chapter 96

Chapter 97

Chapter 98

Chapter 99

Chapter 100

Chapter 101

Chapter 102

Chapter 103

Chapter 104

Chapter 105

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