Hidden Dungeon Chapter 23 New Update

Hello! Long time no see! There’s a problem here and there, so it becomes really late to update. Currently, omegakaiser still had a problem in real life. I don’t know when he will back. Let’s pray that he is doing fine in real life and can translate again for us.   As per usual, we need japanese translator right now. no experience needed and it’s okay if you used MTL. and right

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 107 New Update

Hello! Long time no see! It’s been a long time since the last update… I’ve been very busy because of my final project and another IRL problem. Sigh… I hope I can stop time like jojo so I can have more time to do various things. well, if it really happen, perhaps it will end up like the story in doujinshi though… Guhehehehe…   Oh, I have important news! I need

Black Summoner Chapter 18 New Update!

Hello! Phew… this is the last chapter I will upload for the black summoner. As I said before, I will not be taking this over. This novel is interesting so far… But… Kinda chunibyou I think. so what do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section okay! Thank you! Here’s chapter 18

Black summoner chapter 17 new update

Hello~~ So, i read the comments the other days. And some of you say that i should taking over this series. But sadly, i don’t have any intention to take this from the current translator at all. The previous translator doesn’t have editor and it makes his translation difficult to read. So, I just want to help the previous translator, bergz, to edit chapters 13-18 so all of you can

Black Summoner Chapter 16 New Update!

Hello!! In this happy day (maybe), we brought you a new chapter release! We present you this chapter with hopes you can start your day with something good today. (I always start my day eating a breakfast!) pfft yeah… who start a day like that? start your day by reading this chapter instead rather than eat a breakfast? who need a breakfast anyway? I prefer brunch you know. LOL just

Black Summoner Chapter 15 New Update!

YAAHOOO!! Just like I said yesterday, we will upload ch 14-18. For your information, I just take it from the previous translator. And I already asked for permission as well. well, that’s all I guess… here chapter 15

Black Summoner Ch 14 New Update

Hai hai! Nice to meet you again desu! I don’t know why but novel updates set ch 13 released at 2016 even though I just upload it last month. And because of that, someone has taken over the novel from us without knowing that we are taking it. We don’t have any intention to take it back though. But since we already edited ch 14 until 18, we decided to release

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 106 New Update

Nyaahalo!!~ Sorry for a bit late this time. I was quite busy lately. and for a few months ahead I will be quite busy as well. so I thought I will release at least 1-2 ch a month.   Don’t worry, I will try to clear my tasks as soon as possible and get back to translate. also, after I finished my tasks, I and Shizuku will make a lot of

Inumimi Dorei V1 Illustration Update

HO HO HO HO Santa is coming again to bring you all good child, a gift. (But Shin,…) Shut up! I knew this is not Christmas! looks like the coal the other day is not enough for you. I’ll bring you a hot lava later. (Eeehhh…)