Chapter 98

I’ll Give You One   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Shizuku   「………」   There was『Jet-Black Savior』inside the room.   No, there was Ethique dressed up as 『Jet-Black Savior』inside the room   While I was shocked, Ethique himself didn’t notice me at all.   And then, Ethique suddenly extending his arm forward.   「I am the『Jet-Black Savior』!!」   No, that was totally wrong!?   I was thinking about what I need

Busy for a while

Happy New Year Everyone !!  With this new year coming, Kirisaki will be busy for a while, aaaand with that, the translation will be delayed. I’m sorry for the delay, but we’ll try our best to post a new translation as soon as possible. HAPPY NEW YEAR