Black Summoner Chapter 13

Black Soul Knight

TL: Bergz
TLC: Kirisaki Shin
ED: Beans
PR: Lyncth

After finishing the battle with Cashel, I joined Clotho.

「Clotho seems to be safe.」

I advanced towards Gimuru, last one of the three. Gimuru died.

「Is that…… Cashel’s sword? Hey, Clotho, go absorb the corpses and take out a MP recovery potion.」

When appraised, I knew, Cashel’s sword is a class C weapon [Mithril Sword]. Though there are no special effects, the sword’s offensive power is high and considerably good, so I kept it. The magic robe and cane of jade that I have are class E. Even after completing ten low rank quests, I still can’t buy quality equipment. So there was no reason not to keep Cashel’s sword.

While Clotho was busy, I took the time to recover my MP with the potion from Clotho’s storage. Although the fight against Cashel was an overwhelming victory, if you look at the results, I used too much energy relying on skills to fight.

「I had things to say to Cashel. And you haven’t fought against someone strong have you?」

「I’ll be fighting now.」

After this I had to fight the old castle’s evil spirit, black soul knight – a monster that is ranked higher than us.


Gerard – 138 years old – Male – Black Soul
Knight Chief – Dark knight
Level: 53
Title: Guardian of Patriotism
HP :647/647
MP :162/162
Physical Strength:478(+160)
Magic Power:112
Skills: Loyalty (inherent skill)

Class A

Class B
Herculean strength
Impregnable guard
Army corps command

Class C
The mind’s eye

Darkness attribute reduction by half

Total skill points:178

「Well, I want to make a lot of friends after all!」

『You don’t even feel tense at all』

Let’s leave Tsukkomi of Merufi-na, the other party is a named monster. According to the information that I investigated beforehand, named monsters are intelligent, it is said that there are individuals that speak the human language too. The first of these creatures to come to mind are the dragon kind, but there are also humanoids that have a high probability of speech as well.

「Forming a contract with an intelligent monster is not tricky. You only need to weaken it and, get it to accept you.」

I need to be accepted? So even if I win the battle, that doesn’t mean I’ve won the war.(TLN: even if he won by any means, something like that).

「It is normal to raise low-ranked monsters, but to try making a boss a subordinate, that’s going to be difficult.」

「Is it the same as evolving Clotho from a blue slime?」

『Clotho’s evolution was an exception … … Do you think that you will be accepted?』

「Well, we won’t know if we don’t try」

I turn towards Clotho.

「Clotho, the Black Soul Knight is my and also your first powerful enemy. Don’t be stingy.」 (TLN: sounds like don’t hold back or something)

I piled up reinforcement magic onto Clotho and I. With my high level of magical power, the effect might last a little bit longer. I let Clotho wait in the rear and opened the large door. The Black Soul Knight’s attire was the same as earlier. A large, jet-black sword is thrust in the ground, and in an imposing stance as if protecting the throne. It stood like a genuine knight, not a monster.

I walked into the throne room slowly while staring at the Black Soul Knight. I came to the middle of the room, and a quiet voice sounded out.

「State your business」 (TLN: more of “why are you here?”)

I was surprised by the unexpectedly dandy voice. It might have been reflected on my face if I didn’t have the courage skill.

「Oh, you can talk? I was worried because you didn’t say anything till I got to the middle of the room.」

「Unnecessary worry. Lost child, state your business」

「For your subjugation… or at least that’s what I was supposed to do, but I changed my mind. I am summoner Kelvin, and I want to form a contract with you.」
The Black Soul Knight stiffened for an instant.

「…Bastard, you want me to form a contract with you and follow you?」

「It is so. 」


Ah, this is dangerous. The Black Soul Knight started shaking bit by bit. Have I angered him?

「Ku, Kukuku…… Gaa;-hahhahhahha.!」

Suddenly, the Black Soul Knight changed completely from his previous image and burst into laughter as if I were making a joke. Naturally, I was dumbfounded.

「Stop, stop it with the formal speech. Boy, even though I directed so much bloodlust at you, you remained calm! You want to form a contract, you’re really interesting.」

In a snap of a finger, the proud knight’s image had vanished.

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