Black Summoner Chapter 14




TL: Yuki
ED: Beans
PR: Frozen ink

How did this happen? I was sitting in front of the Black Soul Knight, having a friendly conversation. Even though I’m saying friendly chat, the Black Soul Knight is the only one talking.

“It is inadvertently between these monsters. Oh well, I used to serve the country as a commander, I used to be human. Why have I become a monster?! ……I died, how did it happened, I don’t understand, but maybe it’s because of the lingering regrets I have on this world! But how should I know what kind of regret it is! Anyway, afterward, I continued protecting this castle! Even if, that slime is unusual. What species is that anyway? Hey hey, I’m not going to force you to talk about it. Everyone has one or two secrets. Anyway, do you eat candy?”

He just kept talking on such situations. What black soul knight, he’s basically the neighborhood uncle. Oi, this candy, is already melted and swollen.
(TLN: he is addressing himself like a samurai from an old era)

“Please do not talk while eating.”

“Eh, you really eat it? As expected of you to pull that off ……”

“Yosh, I’ll leave the table to you then.”

It’s tiring me…… the only one being serious here is only Clotho. As for the Black Soul Knight, he is being vigilant and waited across of me.

“That slime is eating that candy like it is nothing. What a considerate guy.”

After absorbing the candy a little while, Clotho jumped into the conversation.

“Master, talk about contract, talk about contract.”

“Oh, so, will you make a contract with me?”

The Black Spirit Knight looked up to Clotho.

“Recently, most of the people that come in here attacked me immediately once they saw me. But it took a kid to actually have a conversation. Without out it my tension has gone through the room, yeah, nice chat.”

“It’s up to you whether or not to be bound ……”

“It’s not ‘you’. It’s Gerard”

“Well then I’m not boy, my name is Kelvin. The name….. Well, let’s talk about it after the contract is formed.”

Gerard suddenly stands up, then faced the throne-like behind.

“Contract? The King whom I served, and the country too, are not in this age anymore. As for serving a new master, this one will not hesitating…… ”

“I’ve protected this castle but, why?”

The cheerful atmosphere from a while ago suddenly changed, the castle became gloomy.

“I serve, thus the name of the ruined country is [Arukaru]. Though it was not big, farming made the country prosperous. The king hated disputes, even when there was a war in a distant kingdom we kept our neutrality.”

This world has two continents, one to the east and another to the west. The town of Perth that we made our base is located at the center of the continent in the east. The castle of the evil spirit were in the vicinity.”

As I saw the situation, I acted as the head of the knight order. As a peaceful country, monsters naturally appears. Subduing them was my main duty. Trained to no end so we weren’t inferior to other knight orders. Just in case, a war were to happen we would be prepared.”

Gerard grasped the black sword.

“Then, one day a traveler from the west continent visited [Arukaru]. However, his true identity was general of the empire. His name was [Gildra]. The man who lavished the death of disease on [Arukaru].”

“Death of disease?”

“Once infected it would suck the life force of the host till gradually all was lost. Many people simple die overnight….. The disease spread all throughout [Arukaru], like an epidemic. And soon the country was isolated by other countries. One late night, several days after Gildra visited [Arukaru], a person noticed him in the town. Probably, something happened that time.”

“Wait wait, what made you think that it was Gildra who did it? He may have been the general of the empire, but in what way did you know it.”

“The day before the illness spreads, Gildra visited this castle. We don’t know where he entered from, that fellow just showed up in front of the king. Saying we must cooperate to overthrow the emperor, otherwise [Arukaru] would collapse …..and”

Divine Empire Deramisu. If I’m not mistaken it is the country where Melfina reincarnated the Hero.

“Naturally, the king refused…… but what happened afterward……”

Though I couldn’t see his face through the armor I could feel Gerard’s anger.

“If I had a regret left in this world, to say that I don’t know how to tell a lie. My regret is that I haven’t avenged this country, if I can clear myself from these regrets, I would becoming your subordinate with pleasure.”

Does it means he recognize me? Hey, wait a minute…..

“Wait, Gerard died decades ago, right? As we look at the castle’s state, it’s over 100 years old. Wouldn’t that fellow Gildra of the empire have already died of old age?”

“That fellow is an elf. Their life spans exceeds 500 years. He wouldn’t have died in just 100 years.”

“Elf? I haven’t met any before, is that your condition?”

“I hear that the art of summons strengthens their subordinates. It’s a great opportunity for revenge. However, I want you to show me your ability.”

“Oh dear, It can happen.”

Does showing the ability means we have to fight? This looks good, I came here with that intention originally.

“If you cannot overcome me, you can’t oppose the empire. Without the ability, you will only be cut down by me.”

Gerard and I steps backward.

“Good, I agree. Give me your all, otherwise there’s no meaning!”



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