Black Summoner Chapter 15

Raging Fire

TL: Bergz
ED: The Reaper 999

I stepped back and immediately gave instructions to Clotho.

“As a knight, isn’t it better for you to take a step forward rather than to step back?”
“Hmm, aren’t you at disadvantage that way?”
“Is that so? Thank you then!”

I shot a blade of the wind attribute magic, wind shot, as a distraction. It was a buckshot type magic.

It split. The violent wind blade became dozens of wind blades, and approached Gerard. Gerard swung his sword to brush it off, and erased the wind. The winds that were deflected cut ceiling, wall, ground, and everywhere.

Clotho took that gap to attack, but Gerard tilted backwards to avoid the 4 whip-attacks thrown.


I was amazed. Gerard caught those 2 sharp attacks. The remaining strikes were caught by his left hand, then crushed by his right foot. Clotho’s strength couldn’t seem to oppose Gerard.

This guy… does he have eyes behind his head too!?

“Gerard possesses the skill of the mind’s eye. Think of it as an automatic correction for a short moment.”
(PR note: If “mind’s eye” is the skill’s name, then the sentence should be: “Gerard possesses the skill “Mind’s Eye”.)

So half-assed attacks are meaningless? This is troublesome. However, Clotho is in danger. I used Cliff Castle Wall to create an earth rampart between Clotho and this guy.

Soon, after communicating, an earth rampart appeared before Clotho.clotho’s binding whip was cut and slammed into the wall, but it’s fine as long as the core of the main body is safe. and-

Good, do it!

The remaining body parts of Clotho in Gerard’s left hand and right foot starts to move again, and wrapped around. In an instant, a red light wraps Gerard, and exploded. The name of the skill acquired after Clotho’s extraordinary level up by defeating Raji is [Division]. Using small parts of the body that got separated, it was possible to operate it as one’s double by yourself. The detached double of Clotho, has stored a small portion of magical power that caused the explosion. In short, it was self-destruction.
(TLN: took me lot of time to translate this…)

“….that slime. Surprisingly versatile isn’t it? When I was also grabbed, my magical energy was sucked occasionally. And now this self-destruct… it is unapproachable.”
(TLN: then he’s still alive?)

Though Gerard curses, that honest facial expression looks delighted. Though the jet black gauntlet was distorted a little from the power of Clotho’s explosion, it still wasn’t to a degree that would have affected the sword.
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“Well, that was interesting enough and deserved a bow of gratitude. I also have to demonstrate my sword skills then.”
(TLN: uh-oh!)

The large sword from the overhead position of Gerard who took a battle stance, was swinging down towards me.

Oi oi! The huge sword even hides a considerable amount of his body!

『Please jump sideways with all your power!』

The voice of Melfina that was non-existent until now was heard in a hurry, and I jumped sideways immediately. Soon after jumping, ZUDON(sfx), a sharp sound reverberated.

“Are you SERIOUS?……!”

A huge crack appeared where I was standing before. This Gerard guy, hurling attack!
(TLN: need help here too)

“Avoiding Agito at point blank at first sight, I was delighted.”
“Is this invincibility because of the speed?”

Melfina’s sudden suggestion saved me, I would’ve ended up just like that ground if it hadn’t worked. Sorry, Melfina.

Right before Gerard swung his other fist, He recites the earth shattering [Cleft Chasm]. The floor under Gerard’s feet had cracks running through it. The next moment, the ground burst open and collapsed. Even Gerard’s stance was broken because of the change in the ground level. However, that crack in the helmet showed a sharp gaze that targeted Kelvin.
Though his stance was destroyed, Gerard was still able to do another slashing attack. Rather than Kelvin, it was aiming at Clotho this time, who was inside the wall.

Tch, that unstable foothold didn’t work either.

The earth rampart was destroyed, and the slashing attack passed through the wall. Even the interior of the wall was reached.

“Nuh, the figure of the slime can’t be seen here!?”

At the same time as those words were uttered, a sword appeared suddenly from the collapsed ground surface. Gerard’s abdomen was hit by a thrust. That sword used to be Cashel’s beloved mythril sword. The charging Clotho burst out from the ground who took it out and hit him.


Even Gerard, who possessed The Mind’s Eye, couldn’t react to the unexpected attack that wounded him. Furthermore, Clotho’s body density was concentrated to harden on the 3 arms that were shot.

Gerard fought back with his sword. His sword rapidly repelled with great speed and the owed damage to Clotho was paid back.

Really amazing.

Kelvin thought frankly. To outwit them, he made a surprise attack, then pierced the gap. It can deal with anything.



Gerard who intercepted it by an impossible body pose, is completely defenseless right now. All the remaining magic power was gathered and heavy wind pressure was invoked.


The mass of air dropped vertically, The load on Gerard’s body was multiplied by dozens of times. It was not possible to move as expected. Moreover, it was a situation where a mithril sword was stuck in his belly. Though he does deserve praise for parrying Clotho’s pursuit.

Clotho, fire all the magic power you have in your storage.

Clotho’s body changed on the ground. The figure became like a dragon with, as it were, a greatly opened the mouth. Thus, the biggest skill that Clotho was holding was released.

—Super Magic Shrinking Beam, Mortality Beam.
(TLN: reeks of chuni. made me cringe while translating this)

It was fired-off from the opening, went through Gerard, destroyed the castle, which then disappeared beyond the void.

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