Black Summoner Chapter 16


TL: Bergz
ED: Thereaper999

“Certainly, this can be confirmed as a part of the Black Soul Knight’s armor. With this, the request is completed!”
Right now, I am in the guild, reporting about the subjugation of the Black Soul Knight and currently showing the fragment of the armor that was damaged from Gerard to Angie-san. After Clotho’s ultra-light beam, Mortality Beamwas shot, Gerard was annihilated. So, the contract failed….
“Hou, this girl is very beautiful isn’t she? Is she king’s concubine candidate?”
……it’s a lie, the contract was completed safely. Ever since I did it, he began addressing me as his king. I argued with him to stop calling me like that, but it seems that he has no intention of stopping.
“Speaking of the serving knight, the king and his reputation must be recognized. Maa, I should be beside my master because it is only natural.”
This condition. I want to forgive you from calling me like that in public.
“Kelvin, really, you’re really safe…. When you competed with Cashel, I thought you would never come back. Furthermore, to actually defeat the Black Soul Knight, I am very surprised with Kelvin”
Angie-san is glad while crying. It seems I made her considerably worried. Cashel’s group that targeted rookies and the amount of experience gained from hunting was reported to the guild. I wasn’t blamed for accidentally killing them, on the contrary I was thanked. Apparently, for savage criminals, they are strangely more lenient nowadays.
“They drove my king into a corner too. Despite already having a fiance, still making a pass on other girls….”
“Good grief. Since you are my fiance!”
I’m not even Melfina’s fiance, you are only bothered to work with me as a pretext…. Oi, don’t deceive me by planting thoughts in my brain skillfully.
“It is the same, Kelvin. Remuneration of this request will be directly passed from the guild chief. Please proceed to the room on the second floor.”
“The guild chief? That reminds me, I haven’t met him yet. Why has it become like this?”
I’ve been here in the town of Pasu for a week already. Though I went in and out of the guild everyday, the person who seems to be the guild chief has not appeared yet. The second-floor is off-limits for everyone except the guild Chief
“The difficulty for the Black Soul Knight subjugation greatly exceeded the frame of D class. For Kelvin, who is an E-rank, this is a special case of rank promotion. It seems that the guild chief has a reward.”
The surrounding adventurers cheered with “Ohh!” at Angie-san’s words. Before I even noticed, I’ve attracted the attention of all the adventurers in the tavern.
“Ahaha, even though the merit of defeating the Black Soul Knight was also amazing, you became famous immediately for exposing the crimes of Cashel.”
Words of gratitude and praise were given to Kelvin by the surrounding adventurers one after another.
“I feel refreshed thanks to you. I got pissed off at that bastard Cashel!”
“Uh, Hikuh(TLN: crying?)….. the Black Soul Knight killed one of my companions. Thank you for taking down the enemy….”
“Merely a week, but you already succeeded greatly.”
Though the admiration is welcome, the feeling became indescribable because one of the causes, the Black Soul Knight, is here.
“In my defense, I still didn’t have my ego yet at that time. ”
Is that true?….. I also wanted to doubt it, but I had to bring reinforcements. As for Gerard, I think he will counter-attack if attacked by the adventurers who came for subjugation. Actually, Gerard did nothing until I entered the throne room.
“Nevertheless, though Cashel is a D rank adventurer, his ability is on par with Class C. It was the strength at the same level as an awful Class B. How did you defeat him?”
One of the adventurers asked suddenly. Cashel was a bad person and also possessed a considerable amount of strength among those in Pazu, so nobody seemed to have been able to start the fight.
“It was purely by chance”
Leaving an ambiguous answer, Kelvin went up to the second-floor of the guild with haste.
—kon kon.
After the knocking on the door, the voice of a man was heard saying, “There you are.”
“Excuse me.”
When Kelvin entered the room, a middle-aged man who seemed to be a gentleman was seen sitting on the desk.
“Hey, you are the rumored Kelvin right?”
“Yes, nice to meet you”
“Oh, I am sorry. Where are my manners. I am Rio, the Adventurer’s Guild Pazu Branch Office’s Chief”
The man named Rio introduced himself while tapping his monocle with a hand. The words spoken suited well with his gentle appearance of a kind old man. Kelvin also showed courtesy to match, actually becoming quite flustered.
Ahh, I was found out. This is not good.
I can sense carelessness. The reason was one skill in Rio’s status, which Kelvin looked at using judgment eyes.
Appraisal (A class)
It was at that moment, that Kelvin’s status was exposed in broad daylight.

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