Black summoner chapter 17

Person From Another World

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ED: Lyncth
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「Nevertheless, it is a fine day today. Isn’t it an ideal day for you to go adventuring?」
「You’re right, it makes me want to set off right away.」
「Hahaha, though your diligence is excellent, it is necessary to let your body rest once in a while.」
「Fufufu, you’re the one who brought it up, Guild Leader?」
The content of the conversation between Kelvin and Rio was fairly normal, but there was a threatening air in the room. If Angie entered such a place by mistake, she would surely feel a sense of discomfort from us probing each other’s hidden intentions beneath our calm looking and friendly chat.
「Ah it’s not good, you got me there. By the way Sir Kelvin, are you a person from another world?」
The flow of the conversation suddenly went in an unexpected direction, this sly fox. Incidentally, I had told Clotho and Gerard my story. There are other people from different worlds aside from me, which is very rare. Gerard is the only one who has met them several times during his lifetime. They were quite famous, the 4 heroes reincarnated by Melfina who were all handsome men and beautiful women. If given a chance, I would also want to meet them too.

Their hostile conversation took quite some time, Kelvin was pretty tired. He cursed himself for such an unlucky day. Somehow, his poker-face was reinforced by the courage skill, but his mind was in tatters.
「…Prying into an adventurer’s origins should be prohibited.」
「You’re not denying it?」
This guy, what is his aim?
I was wary of Rio who who was sighing.
「I’m sorry for asking you such a nasty question.」
「Don’t mind it. That’s what I want to say, but what are your intentions?」
Rio took out a glass cloth from his pocket, and answered while wiping his monocle.
「I heard from Angie-kun regarding the thing about Cashel. You subdued the Black Soul Knight alone splendidly, no? Or is it better to say that you defeated it with your subordinate? You’re a summoner, right?」
「Again, did you see my status? So, what is it that you want?」
「I don’t mean to be hostile towards you, please accept my apologies for causing a misunderstanding. I just want to build a cooperative relationship.」
Since Rio pointed towards a chair, I sat for now.
「First, do you want to talk about how I determined that you’re from another world? As it can be seen by you who also has appraisal eye, I also own the A-class judgement eyes. By the way, I saw your status three days ago. I heard of a promising newcomer from Angie-kun, so I watched from the shadows.」
So he already knew about it. The highest confirmed skill in the city is Class C at best. I thought that it would be fine to raise my Hiding skill to Class B for now. There should have been no way for it to be leaked in such a short period of time…. Seriously, I’ve been completely checkmated.
『Your status was found out. Hiding it forever is not possible. The important thing is, to increase the number of friends who can keep that secret. O King, life is unwavering!』
『We will also support as much as we can.』
That’s right, huh. First, let’s try to hear what Rio was going to say.
「I had doubts regarding your status. The level of your summoner job and the rank of your skills are not consistent. Even a genius can’t reach that level of summoning skills. Only inhabitants of another world have high-level skills at level 1. Your skills are already that of an S-class adventurer.」
『What he’s saying is true.』
If that is the case, I cannot hide it anymore.
「As you said, I’m from a different world. According to your story, it would seem that such a thing has happened before, right?」
「Like when the Divine Empire Deramisu summoned a hero.」
Ah, Melfina mentioned such a story. Seems like it had nothing to do with me.
「Well, did you have any idea that Cashel and his companions were criminals? Why was it left unchecked?」
「I must apologize about that. Cashel came from the prestigious Noble house of Faze of the Toraisen Kingdom. It is hard to go against nobles of another country, I would need evidence.」
Cashel was a noble, huh. It doesn’t seem so, but it the nobility in this world have quite a fair bit of power.
「Even so, I learned a few days ago that it was arranged for him to be excommunicated. It looks like it had caused a problem, maybe it had something to do with his original title. So, things finally got moving when you appeared, Kevin-kun.」
Quite a great timing to get in touch with me.
「Of course, if it was a normal rookie we would have forcibly stopped them. However, your status is abnormal. I was betting on you, is what I mean.」
「So if I had died, what would you have done?」
「Haha, sorry.」
This guy, contrary to his gentlemanly appearance, he is a raccoon (sly dog)!
「Don’t make such a face. Rather, a special reward and beneficial proposals were prepared.」
「I assume that depends on my cooperation. So what exactly would this entail?」
「The miko of Deramisu received a divine oracle about summoning a hero. The miko said that the revival of the demon king will happen soon. Recently, the influenced monsters in the continent are becoming increasingly ferocious.」
「…So what?」
「Even the Black Spirit knight you subdued had become more powerful, it seems the demon king is the cause. It was originally a D-rank request, but there were too many victims. And no matter how many heroes there are, it is not enough to protect the continent. More than anything else, they should concentrate on subjugating the demon king.」
I see, so this was Rio’s intention.
「Instead of the hero, I’m the one who has to remove the monster threat… is what you mean?」
「… It’s a shame that the guild’s manpower is not enough. Also, there are no high-ranked adventurers around town. We lack the ability to request for a B-class adventurer or higher.」
This peaceful area only had low-level monsters. Therefore, there were no high-ranked adventurers passing by. Cashel was the highest. Meanwhile, Rio had become impatient because of the appearance of powerful evil spirits in the old castle which was a stone’s throw away.
「You might want to take on the commissions that cannot be achieved by the others. It will come with proper rewards and support. Of course, you may refuse the request if you think it is impossible. The point is, we need a promising person like you with a low rank to consider it.」
「In other words, you will raise my adventurer’s rank as an exception, but I have to leave discretion over the requests I take, to you?」
「That’s right.」
「I think the conditions are too good.」
「To tell you honestly, I desperately need your power as a summoner. That’s also the same for the guild. I’ll elevate your rank as an adventurer before you go somewhere else.」
Rio showed an apologetic face.
「The matter of you being a summoner and an otherworlder will be hidden. If you cooperate with the guild, we will assure your freedom. I wonder if you want to get involved in the power struggle of aristocrats?」
He saw right through me. However, I have no complaints about the conditions.
「I understand. Let’s work together.」
Kelvin and Rio stood up and shook hands.

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