Black summoner chapter 18


TL: Bergz
ED: Frozen Ink & Marunikyu

The negotiations with Rio ended and I came back in good spirits. In terms of result, my adventurer rank was promoted to B-rank. Originally, there’s a need to take a promotion exam at C-Rank, but it was pushed through because of my achievements and victory against Cashel. Even though it’s obvious, I’m an active person. The subjugation reward was a ridiculous amount. However, Gerard was beaten.

“I heard Kel-chan. You’re a B-rank now huh?”

Claire seems already have heard about it. The wives’ information network is terrifying.

In only a week of being an adventurer, I became indebted to this good-spirited(person). Angie-san’s opinion was truly on point, she referred me to a good inn. And above all, the food is delicious.

“The news came quickly. From whom you heard it?”
“It became a rumor among the adventurers. Our young customer became the center of the talk. Even if I don’t want to it’ll reach my ear.”
“But I don’t really want to stand out personally”
“What are you talking about? Being promoted for just only one week, I never heard that before. It is amusing that you’ll attract attention.”


“You’re right, Claire-san. For today’s dinner, is it alright to add for one more person when I come back?”
“I don’t mind, who will you bring, a friend?”
“Something like that”
“I understand, I guess I’ll increase the dishes as celebration.”
“That is what I’m waiting for you to say!”

To ensure the lavish dinner, I went to my room.

[Going out?]

I changed clothes from the magic robe to plain clothes, and took out money from Chloto-Bank, when Gerard asked why.

“Oh, I’m just going to buy a slave for a moment”
[…my lord is at the energetic age, it is completely normal]
“Do not misunderstand this thing”

There are slaves in this world. There are a variety of reasons to fall into the status of being a slave, such as being in debt, being sold by parents, being kidnapped. A slave has a magic item called a collar of subordination, and falls into a kind of cursed state. When a slave is sold the contract is established by touching the collar of the master’s blood and using a special spell.
With this contract a slave will not be able to hurt his master because of the curse. Killing a slave owned by somebody else is prohibited by the law unless justified. Regarding this, every country seems to be similar, and whether it is an aristocrat or not the offender will be given a heavy punishment. However, since the master is the slave’s owner, no matter how it is treated it’ll be allowed. There are various circumstances, but the handling of slaves’ something you can’t say to be always good.

[You’ll train the slaves and put them in the party, right? ]
“Oh, I was consulting with Mel Fina before.”

Someone who’s been a slave from birth hasn’t used any skill points at all. Because of the subordination curse, a slave is unable to acquire skills unless the owner’s permission is given. This allows the master to allocate points based on the master’s preference.

“The fight with Gerard was pretty hard, and from now on we are against opponents of such a level, isn’t it better to increase our fighting strength even a little bit?”
[It’s reasonable. So, do you want the slave to be a woman? ]

What is pleasing buying a male slave?

Melfina’s silence hurts, but I can not concede here.This is a man ‘s romance!

[I understand, I understand you milord!]

Gerard in my mind (this objective was also included after all) agrees with me.

I got the approval of our knight, it is decided on a majority vote of 3:1. Clotho does not oppose me from the beginning. Well then let’s go.

In slave business, I look at the items with the slave merchant. Of course the products are slaves.

“How about this daughter of a beastman? It has just became a slave, so the skill points are used up but they are only related to combat skills”

As the good looking beastman was introduced, I activated the Eye of Appraisal. Surely she has the skills fighting techniques and herculean strength……

“She’s not bad, but I need a slave that still hasn’t used skill points.”
“That’s right, I guess …”

While the slave merchant is thinking, I suddenly looked at the corner of the room and there was an elf in a cage. I suppose the hair is blonde but it is dirty and messy. The clothes she’s wearing are also quite poor compared to the others’. Are her ears slightly shorter than a half-elf? Somehow she has been handcuffed.

That half-elf has not been introduced yet.

Look at the status with Eye of Appraisal.

“………!? Shopkeeper, how about that half-elf?”
“Yes? Oh , that [thing] over there? It came the other day but it is cursed. It burns the things its hand touches. Even a bow as well, it can’t be used as a play-thing either. Even after calling a famous priest to dispel the curse, it did not disappear. Honestly, I am troubled because there are no buyers.”

Melfina, how feasible is the removal of the curse?

[It’s a curse of Fire Dragon King. It is possible to dispel it with the Class-A White Magic 【God’s Salvation (Sacred Breath)】]

Skill Points… should be fine, I have enough.

“Can you sell this girl?”
“Yes, I do not mind, but … is it okay?”
“Yeah, I’ll buy.”

The slave merchant removes handcuffs and let out the half-elf out of the cage.

“Get out. Your buyer has been decided“

It seems the half-helf did not think that there is anyone who will buy her. The body of the half-elf is very thin and the hair became so messy. Her chest…… is fine. Her face is hidden by her bangs cannot be seen well, but I can see how it is beautifully shaped. Elves are known as beautiful in this world. Of course the half-elves too.

“I will now proceed with the contract ceremony.”

The slave-trader touched the collar of the elf with a handkerchief soaked with my blood and cast a spell.

“It’s done with this. Whatever happens with the curse, we won’t take responsibility, okay?”
“That’s fine”

I faced the half-elf.

“E-eeto…… Thank you very much for buying me. I’m Efil.
“I am Kelvin. From now on please take care of me.”
“Nice to meet you……”

Efil seems to still be nervous.

“Ano, about my curse … ….”
“Let’s get out of here, for the time being”

We walk into a deserted alley. Efil’s face darkens as we go on.

“Well then, shall we break Efil’s curse?”

I raised the white magic to Class A earlier. I have enough MP, so I just have to chant it.

I casted 【God’s Salvation (Sacred Breath)】. Faint light wrapped around the Efil’s hands, then it scattered after a while.

“It should be done with this.”

I tried to grasp Efil’s hands. Yes, it is soft.

“D-dangerous—eh……? W-what?”

Efil looked at me with face of astonishment. Then……


She started to cry.

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