Hidden dungeon

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 23 New Update

Hello! Long time no see! There’s a problem here and there, so it becomes really late to update. Currently, omegakaiser still had a problem in real life. I don’t know when he will back. Let’s pray that he is doing fine in real life and can translate again for us.   As per usual, we need japanese translator right now. no experience needed and it’s okay if you used MTL. and right

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 21 Release!

Hellow yahoo!! With me again, Shizuku Shinku is still busy for a while, so you guys will see me around for some times —————– And here, I can see our MC is starting to take his path as LUCKY PERVERT (damn it man, I want that skill badly) (^人^) And just imagining Emma’s expression, my life is ended (T . T) I envy you MCCCCCCCC ノಠ_ಠノ —————– For you usual

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 20 Release!

Hello guys! Nice to see you again today! So, currently, we are looking for a translator. We had so many things we want to translate like manuke FPS player, reincarnated into werewolf, and many more. But sadly, we done had enough man to do so. That’s why if there’s someone among you who like to become a translator, please join us. We will help you as best as we can. For

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 16 Release!

Hello Guys! I got a good news for you! We will release 2 chapters/week! YAY!!!   We will release it at Sunday and Tuesday. But it can change depending on the translator. For now, just enjoy 2 chapters release every week!   Oh, by the way, we are looking translator right now. it doesn’t matter if you are Chinese, Japan or Korean translator. Also, don’t worry if you are still

Hidden Dungeon Chapter 15 News Release!

Hello folks! There’s a good news! We got a new translator! Please welcome Om3gaKais3r! Because of that, we decided to picked up a new novel. And by chance, We decided to picked this novel, The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter.