Seijo no Kaifuku

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 106 New Update

Nyaahalo!!~ Sorry for a bit late this time. I was quite busy lately. and for a few months ahead I will be quite busy as well. so I thought I will release at least 1-2 ch a month.   Don’t worry, I will try to clear my tasks as soon as possible and get back to translate. also, after I finished my tasks, I and Shizuku will make a lot of

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 105 Release!

Hello guys! Nice to see you again! Consider this as warning. Before you read this, I suggest to make sure there’s no one beside you. Since this chapter will make you emotionally unstable. Maybe you will laugh out loud when reading this, or mad until you want to table flip in real life. Well, you are already warned. So here’s chapter 105 

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 104 Release!

Hello folks! Nice to meet you again today! The other day, I just found out that the author is actually still in the middle school. And I thought, that’s very cool. To get light novel serialization while still in the middle school.

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 102 Release!

Hello folks! Nice to meet you again! It’s nice to have a good loyal reader like you here. So this time, the story from the last chapter not finished yet. It still a story about our lovely receptionist, Asuha. Nest still being a jerk for not noticed how woman’s feels. but it still interesting to me. So look forward to the next chapter!   Just want you to know, we

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 101 Release

Hello folks! Nice to meet you again! Today we will meet again with our lovely receptionist. If you forget who she is, it’s Asuha. Kookie translate her name into Asha, but I translated her name into Asuha. For why I do that, it’s because it sounds cooler (LOL).   Just for the remainder, we are looking translator right now. it doesn’t matter if you are Chinese, Japan or Korean translator.

Chapter 100 Release!

Hello folks!   Nice to see you again on this beautiful day. I just want to remind you that we have discord channel now. So if you want to talk or complaint to us about anything, you can join our discord.

Seijo no Kaifuku Chapter 99 Release!

Hello folks! I have a great news for everyone! We open our discord server for you now. Join our discord server now and you can get a lot of benefits like talking with our staff and get the update notification everytime we release a chapter. So what are you waiting now!? Look at the widget section and click that connect button now!