Underground Dungeon

Ch 28-30

28 Survive   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink   2 hours after searching for fluffy.   I found a hole in the wall, and a part of the floor was gouged out.   I wrote down the direction so far into my notepad and went back to the beehive room.   The effect of the smoke operation was great!   There were 13 huge bees on the ground.  

Ch 26-27

  Hello guys! Mayonaize Shrimp recommend this novel to me a while ago. And it’s kinda interesting. This novel is a phone novel. so 1 chapter is around 200-250 words. So I thought I will put 2 chapter in 1 post. But after I posted it, looks like it still not good enough. Actually, there’s 2 version of this novel. The short version where 1 chapter = 200-250 word and