Black Summoner

Black Summoner Chapter 18 New Update!

Hello! Phew… this is the last chapter I will upload for the black summoner. As I said before, I will not be taking this over. This novel is interesting so far… But… Kinda chunibyou I think. so what do you guys think? Let me know in the comment section okay! Thank you! Here’s chapter 18

Black summoner chapter 17 new update

Hello~~ So, i read the comments the other days. And some of you say that i should taking over this series. But sadly, i don’t have any intention to take this from the current translator at all. The previous translator doesn’t have editor and it makes his translation difficult to read. So, I just want to help the previous translator, bergz, to edit chapters 13-18 so all of you can

Black Summoner Chapter 16 New Update!

Hello!! In this happy day (maybe), we brought you a new chapter release! We present you this chapter with hopes you can start your day with something good today. (I always start my day eating a breakfast!) pfft yeah… who start a day like that? start your day by reading this chapter instead rather than eat a breakfast? who need a breakfast anyway? I prefer brunch you know. LOL just

Black Summoner Ch 14 New Update

Hai hai! Nice to meet you again desu! I don’t know why but novel updates set ch 13 released at 2016 even though I just upload it last month. And because of that, someone has taken over the novel from us without knowing that we are┬átaking it. We don’t have any intention to take it back though. But since we already edited ch 14 until 18, we decided to release