No Fatigue

Chapter 77

Alfred-tousan’s Magic Title And Epic Battle   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp   Around 2 months passed since the last time I went to the capital. Alfred-tousan already took over the job, so I proposed a suggestion.   「ーDad, I think it would be better for you to have magic title」   I greet father like 「Yo」or 「Ya」then I told him what I was thinking.   「You can raise

Chapter 76

Arrival to the Capital (Part 2)   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp   「…… Tsu!」   The King’s words startled me. And that was enough as an answer.   「So, that’s true… Well, don’t worry. I don’t mean any harm. There was a legend conveyed only to the royal family. Sometimes God would bring a visitor from another world to this world. They brought useful knowledge with them, but

Chapter 73

Chrebl meditation gathering for 【Spirit magic】 / Maid remodeling plan   Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Mayonaize Shrimp Author note The length of this chapter is quite long this time   「Katsu ka〜tsu!」<Tn: in japan, if you lose concentration when meditating, the monk will strike you using wood stick or bamboo sword while yelling “Katsu!”> A zen stick is struck down along with my voice. 「Aah」Julia-kaasan groaned as she slapped by

Chapter 71

Skill Magic Translator: Kirisaki Shin Editor: Frozen Ink It was already late, so we decided to stay at mansion. And from the next morning until noon, I will interview Moria-san, Huffman-san, Miguel, Donna, and beck. Although Only Ganash-jii declined because of old age, but the remaining has become a member. I was told that Elemia want to talk to me later, so I made it so she would be  last.

Chapter 69

Edvice 3 Tl: Kirisaki Shin Ed: Frozen Ink The last interviewer is, “Edgar? I will coming in, okay?” Melby the fairy’s big sister. << Melby ( from Tel telia Fairy town . Fairy Chief . <Wise-man> . <Ms. stubborn> . <everyone’s Big Sister>) ?? (1120 years past since she was created) (Tn: in raw it really said ‘??’) Fairy Level 44 HP 34/34 MP 997/997 Status Fairy’s oaths Skill Legend