Arms Otome Chapter 3 New Update

Hellow~~! The translator seems to be on a holiday, soooo, yeah we’ll update the chapter a little bit late. Please bear with it. ———————- Let’s hope the MC won’t swing the wrong way XD, since Ente is so cute~~~. Well, Ente herself won’t mind it either, since she’s a summoned being. She has no power to resist? Who knows? ———————- We’re currently need some translators. If you have a friend

Inumimi Dorei V1 Illustration Update

HO HO HO HO Santa is coming again to bring you all good child, a gift. (But Shin,…) Shut up! I knew this is not Christmas! looks like the coal the other day is not enough for you. I’ll bring you a hot lava later. (Eeehhh…)

Inumimi Dorei Chapter 2 Release!

Hello guys! Nice to see you again today! So, currently, we are looking for a translator. We had so many things we want to translate like manuke FPS player, reincarnated into werewolf, and many more. But sadly, we done had enough man to do so. That’s why if there’s someone among you who like to become a translator, please join us. We will help you as best as we can. For

Kein's good deed Chapter 12 Release!

Hello again! Just for your information, next chapter will be not translated by Shizuku. From now on, it will be translated by Omegakaiser. Who is he? Well, he is in charge of Hidden dungeon as well. But, it’s not like Shizuku will leaving us. He is in charge of Administrator for this web and proofreader(sometimes). Well, that’s all I guess. Here’s chapter 12

Arms Otome Chapter 1 Release!

Hello guys! I just want to let you know that I didn’t take this novel without permission. Or rather, Yurikahime was joined with us! YAY! CLAP! CLAP! CLAP! (But shin, shizuku already said that before!) Yeah I know. I just want to say it again because how happy I am. But we got a problem here. We don’t have proofreader! We need help! So, for you readers who think that

Black Summoner Chapter 13 Release!

Hello guys! Nice to meet you again today! So, the other day I read black summoner manga and it picked my interest. So I decided to looking for web novel version. But looks like it’s been a long time since last update. And chapter 13-18 is not edited. Bergz, the previous translator said, it’s okay to edit it and post it at my website. So I will do that right

Inumimi Dorei Chapter 1 Release

Hello guys! I have a good news today. Because we get another new Translator, we picked a new novel today. And as you can see, we will release it today. Also if you like the series and be a good boy/girl. We will give you a few surprise later. So without further ado, here’s chapter 1

New Series - Arms Otome

Heyooo, with me again Shizuku. Who am I ??? Ahhh, I’m Kein’s current translator XD. Nice to meet you all XD. And here, I present you a brand new translated novel (ah not really, just an edited version of the original translator) and the translator has joining our group !!! Yaaaay!! Please welcome Yuki, the owner of Yurika Hime’s Translation, here’s the link (https://yurikatrans.wordpress.com). Yuki-sama will be joining us from