Chapter 1 – Introduction

What do you think about life?

Is it about breathing? Is it about eating? Is it about money?

My name is Fumiichi Naokawa, 16 years old, a normal, plain highschool student.

I have an (maybe below) average look, born not in a rich family, and don’t have any friends, except one, my childhood friend, Shiroki Haname.

She’s a beauty, the most beautiful girl in the school, I could say, she’s the most beautiful girl in the universe!

She has a long, and straight brownish hair, a perfect placed eyebrows, a beautiful curved eyes, a thin and sexy lips, a slender figure with no excessive fat, and of course, she’s busty. How busty? not telling XD.

She has mixed blood between Japanese and Germany, her father is Japanese, and her mother is Germany. On top of that, she’s sooooo rich, making her score skyrocketed, in addition to her perfect appearance.

She’s definitely out of my league, but because we have been childhood friend since forever, you could say I’m pretty lucky to be her childhood friend. We still talking up until now, even though she’s already 9 skies above me, but she’s still want to talk to me. Do you understand bruh, how lucky is me!

Today, I’m waking up at the usual time 7.30, school start at 8.00, you know what that’s mean, right? Yep, only 30 minutes left before school start.

It’s not a problem for me, since I only need 10 minutes to prepare, and another 10 minutes to go to school. I take a bath, eat my breakfast, put my uniform, and I’m ready to go to school.

“I’m leaving, mom”

“Alright, be careful on your way and keep Hana-chan away from danger and bad people.”

“Sure thing, mom”

Sigh, even my own parent doesn’t seems to care about me, but they do care about Haname-chan eh. Griefing, I’m walking toward the entrance.

Opening the door, as you could guess, Haname-chan is waiting for me.

“Good morning, Nao-kun.”

And just right after I opened the door, she greeted me.

“Good morning, Haname-san.”

I replied her greetings but, she puffed her cheek, seems to be not in a good mood. It’s not like I don’t know the reason, I just pretend not to know.

“Geez, how many time do I need to tell you? Just call me the way you usually call me.”

“I usually call you Haname-san though.”

“Geez, not how you call me at school!”

She’s angry, guess I teased her too much. She turned herself, her back is now facing me.

I walk toward her, and pat her head from behind.

“Haah, I’m sorry Hana-chan, guess I’m teasing you too much.”


She’s still puffing her cheek, but she’s not as angry as before.

“Alright then, let’s get going.”


We walk side by side, like a lover, we walk close to each other. Do you think it’s nice eh? Well, half is true, half is not. I’m happy that I got the most beautiful girl walk this close beside me but, when we passed a lone male walking, I can feel a killing intent emitted from them. As you can guess, it could be nothing but jealousy.

At first, I couldn’t stand it. I once said to her that I would like to go to school alone rather than with you, and the next day, she’s absent from school, crying all day, locked in her room, and of course, her and my parents were scolding me like there’s no tomorrow. After being scolded, I headed to her home, and apologize to her.

“I’m sorry Hana-chan, maybe I used the wrong words, it’s not like I hate being with you, to be honest, I’m really happy, the most happy person in this world, that I can be together with you, but you know, everytime we passed a lone male, their jealousy is over 9000, and I couldn’t bear their gaze, so that’s why I said that you better go to school by yourself, not with someone as plain as me.”

I was talking like that, in front of her room. I was standing in front of her door, lowering my head. I don’t know what should I do.

Suddenly, she opened her door, jumped to me, and hugged me while still crying. She shout to me, “You stupid airhead Kawarimi!” 1

Ah, she reminds me of my grade school’s nickname. She hugged me while still crying, and said “No matter what other might say about you, Nao-kun is Nao-kun for me!” Well, you just did change my name, you know. I replied to her, “That’s not make any sense to me, you know, but if you say it’s okay for me to be with you, then I might take that offer.” She looked up at me with teary eyes, now that I remember it, her first cause of crying is me, and now I made her crying again, what a d**khead man I am. My heart feels like it’s been sliced when looking at her. I wiped her tears, and said “Is that okay with you?” She replied, “Unn”

Back to current time, I’m still walking side by side with Hana-chan, we currently are talking like usual and suddenly, an unpredictable event occurs. A wild truck appeared! The driver seems to be drunk and it headed toward me and Hana-chan.

I froze, I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think of anything else beside an apology, “Sorry mom, dad, aunty, uncle, I couldn’t protect Hana-chan” After saying that apology, I closed my eyes, and that’s it, the truck hit me and Hana-chan. (Note: Behold, truck-sama no chikara!)

When I opened my eyes, I saw a strange ceiling that I have never seen before, when I tried to get up, I saw an unfamiliar figure, noticing me, he spoke.

“Oh, you have wake up boy, I am Kami-sama, now I’ll guide you to the new world you will be living”

And that’s the beginning of my story to live in a fantasy world.

変わり身 : Read as Kawarimi, MC’s name is 直川, they both have “Kawa”, but have different meaning and text.

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