Chapter 2 – Explanation

“Hello, I am, the one you call, Kami.”

So, this guy is Kami, not what I expected though.

He looks like a 20 years old businessman, his face sure is cool, and by the looks, if he appeared on earth, maybe every actor in this world is no match for him.

Well, he did cal himself Kami though, no wonder if he can make himself an ideal man for every woman.

You think I’m jealous? Well duh, of course I am.

I’m just an average (maybe below) in terms of face. I’m not rich too, so it’s a given if I do feel some jealousy.

He has a semi-short hair, the length is below his ears, but above his shoulder, a blonde.

He did looks like a foreigner for me.

“Umm, hello, etto, Kami-sama, is this heaven?”

“You can call this place heaven, but this just my workplace.”

The hell? Kami-sama is working? Who the hell pays you?

My head is full of questions, looking around, I’m astonished.

The wall is made from diamond, yes, diamond, the hardest thing on earth, the most expensive thing on earth.

The color is crystal clear, transparent, and outside of this room is, the sky.

It’s so amazing to be able to see the sky, since I have never on an airplane before.

Looking at the ceiling, ah, it was just a glass, but looking more closely, I can see a beautiful garden behind the glass.

It’s so beautiful, giving me a peace of mind.

Looking at the floor, it was made from cream-colored granite.

It’s just amazing to have room like this, a room that will never exists on earth.

Watching me examining his room, then Kami-sama speak.

“Are you done enjoying the sight? Can we continue what should I tell you?”

A bit surprised, I replied.

“Ah, sorry, it’s just amazing, Kami-sama can continue.”

“Ahahaha, no problem, you may observe this room to your heart content, while I explain what happened here.”

“Ah, okay.”

“As you may notice, you’re no longer on earth.”

“Ah, yes.”

“This is afterlife, you’re already dead on earth.”


I’m already dead huh, what a sort life, not very fulfilling, I did have blessed with the most beautiful girl on the planet to be my childhood friend.

Come to think of it, I don’t see Hana-chan.

“Umm, excuse me but, is Hana-chan, the girl who was with me, is still alive.”

He shook his head.

Half believing, half not, I can just hang my head.

“Don’t be so sad, every living being will actually be dead, it’s just matters of time.”

I guess he’s right, but he seems like he never had a close relative died. Well, he’s a Kami, I wonder if he has any relatives.

“This is the good news for you, since you died in an accident caused by other people, you will be given a second chance to live.”


“Yeah, a new soul to live, but unfortunately, not on earth anymore.”

Sigh, in one side, I’m happy that I can live again, but not on earth, how?

“You will be taken to another world, a parallel world.”

Heh, a parallel world. Just like a novel out there.

“The world will be an adventure world, which has many races, many jobs, and many skills, there’s nothing like limit applied there.”

No limit? What’s that supposed to mean?

“No limit means, you can acquire skill as many as you want, but that’s only from your job class, which mean, someone can be a ‘God’ there.”

Hoo, interesting.

“Is there already the so-called ‘God’ there?”

“There was one, but he has been sealed, due to his demonic plan to dominate the world.”

Sealed huh, will he become the last boss?

“Ah, the one who sealed him was not me, a massive group of adventurer sacrifice their lives to seal that ‘God’.”

“Umm, can I have the exact number of the adventurer who had sacrificed their lives?”

“Hmm, approximately, 25% of the population of the planet.”


25% of the planet’s population? not 25% of the adventurer population? is that the price to seal a ‘God’?

If there’s 2 ‘Gods’ means 50% of the planet’s population!?

“Is there any reason to become a ‘God’ there?”

“Not really, being all equal, nice to each other, isn’t that the best thing about live?”

He’s right, it’s not like dominating someone will be the best thing about life, since I learned that first-handed when I still on earth.

Ah yeah, I was bullied when I was still on grade school. Nothing good comes from being bullied, only one person that stood for me, and that is Hana-chan.

I was saved by her, so that’s why, she’s my only comrade, no one else.

“Do you have any other questions before I continue?”

“Umm, where’s Hana-chan?”

“That’s an unanswerable question, since that will be this world’s secret.”

“Is she going to be transported as well?”

“Maybe yes, maybe no.”


“She’s not on my jurisdiction, so I don’t know.”

“Is there another Kami beside you?”

“There are.”

“Is that so? How come there’s more than one Kami?”

“To ease this reincarnation and or transportation.”

Make sense, it seems they handle the dead soul one by one, not in a batch.

“I see, is there any possibilities that she will be transported in the same world as me?”

“I won’t say the possibility is zero, but it sure less than 1 percent.”

Ugh, lower than my gacha rate huh.

Well, I always failed at gacha, so I won’t hope anything out of possibility lower than 1 percent.

“I have got all my questions answered, please continue what you must, seems like I took your time too much, Kami-sama.”

“Very well, There will be things you need to choose yourself, such as gender, job, race, and age.”

“I see.”

“Let’s start with the simple one, first what gender will you choose.”

Hmm, I don’t have any interest in becoming a girl, but a girl’s body is a mystery to me, but…..

My head hurt, making gender an option is wrong, in one way or another.

“I choose male.”

I prefer dominating, rather than being dominated.

“Next, your age will be?”

“The same as now, 16 years old.”

“Good, the next two will be job and race. For race, there is Demon, Vampire, Elf, Ogre, Dwarf, Beastkin, and Human. Each of them will have their strength and weakness. Ordered by physical strength, Demon is the strongest, and of course, human is the weakest.”

I see, in every time and place, human seems to be the weakest.

“Human sure is the weakest, but they have the greatest wisdom, that makes them the strongest ‘God’ candidate.”

The strong is sharpening their fangs and claws, while the weak is enhancing their wisdom.

“I see, in that case, I choose human.”

“Oh, do you want to be the ‘God’?”

“No, I just want to spend my life as a human again, demon sure is fantasy-like race, vampire is looking cool, and elf, with their long life, but I still prefer human, because I’m a human to begin with.”

Hearing my answer, Kami-sama was smiling.

“A wise choice. Lastly, you will choose your job. This one is the most time-consuming, explaining, that is.”

Kami hand me a pocket-book.

“What is this?”

“A manual book, containing explanation about job, race, and skills. It also show your current status, like xp, level, hp, etc.”

“A handy-dandy book?”

“Sort of. I will give you a simple explanation about the job. There will be 6 base job, that is warrior, mage, cleric, rogue, defender, and enchanter.”

He did say base, which means it could be developed.

“It can be changed through advancement, look at the manual book yourself, ok?”

He sure can read my mind, better be careful from now on.

“The base job is divided based on their role in the party, warrior for example, boasting the greatest raw attack power, their capability of destruction is top-notch, while top-notch, it’s still no match if one on one with a demon.”

I guess weakest is the weakest, no matter what the situation may be.

“But they have the greatest wisdom, you know. With intelligence and experience, you could explore and develop more thing.”

Damn it, he read my mind again.

“Next is mage, they hold the greatest magical power, you know, it’s magic, means everything that looks ‘MAGIC’.”

The hell with ‘everything that looks magic’.

“Like fireball, water torrent. There will be 6 main elements, those are wind, fire, water, earth, light, and dark, but you can combine two or three elements at once. It’s said you can combine all 6, but that’s just a legend.”

Now that you think about it, how to combine fire and water?

“Like making a steam? You evaporate the water by using fire.”

….. I give up.

“Next is cleric, they hold the best healing magic, said to be able to revive a dead living being, not as a zombie, but a living being.”

Cool, but wait, if there’s such thing as resurrection, is there any space left to live there?

“I said it’s just a legend, no one ever capable of doing such thing.”

….. Could you please stop saying something not real and achievable?

“That what make the job interesting, right?”

….. I hate myself, looks like I’m used to being read.

“Next is rogue, they’re basically like assassin, boasting the highest agility, said to be able to walk on water.”

Okay, he did say able to walk on water, which means, no one ever achieve that.

“That’s right, next is defender, boasting the highest defence, said to be able to withstand a demon’s attack.”


“You’re not going to do some monologue now?”

“Ah now, I have had enough.”

“Ahahahaha, well then, last one is enchanter, they boast the highest magical capacity, said to be able to physically strengthen the whole country.”

Heeeh, the asset for country war.

“So which one would you like to choose?”

Hmm, each job has their own strength and weakness, I probably will go solo, so I need a versatile job, maybe rogue? since they boast the highest agility.

“They have the weakest attack power among warrior and defender.”

Make sense, so what should I do, do I need to take the ultra mainstream job, warrior?

“They have the weakest defence, you know, you need a healer.”

“Just say that I couldn’t go solo, please.”

“Ah yes, you can’t.”

Damn it, say that from the start you too-handsome-mind-reader.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

“You’re welcome.”

10 minutes passed, I still haven’t made my decision.

“There’s one more option, it’s outside of those 6 base job. Are you interested?”

Is that like a hidden job or the strongest job?

“Nope, not at all, maybe the weakest.”

Is there any point to take that job?

“There is, it’s called custom class, your first skill will be decided randomly, and you can only get that skill, no matter what level do you have. The skill will be extraordinary of course, but you will have only 1 skill, how about that.”

It’s not like I will go running and slicing monster like an idiot, I would prefer a normal life.

“I’ll take that custom job, since I don’t have any intention to fight monsters.”

“Khukhukhu, well then, custom job it is, it’s pretty rare for someone to choose custom job. Your skill will be decided randomly. Let me make the final check, race is human, gender is male, age is 16, and job is custom, is that alright?”

“Yeah, no problem here.”

“Alright then, you will be transported to the new world shortly, but forgive me if you get transported into a cave, since we can’t make you just appeared in the middle of a town, just like a magical being, when you has chosen to be a human.”

“I see, is the cave far from the town?”

“Not really, maybe 10 minutes by foot.”

At least it’s not too far.

“Fine by me.”

“Well then, when you arrived at that world, go open your pocket-book and check your skill, there should be a unique skill that only you will have.”

At least, it’s a unique skill, even though I can only have one.

Suddenly, my field of vision become white, and when I opened my eyes, I was already inside a cave.

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