Chapter 1 Part 1

The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 1)

「Well then, what shall I do?」


When I noticed it, I was standing in the grassland. And why school uniform?


It’s black school uniform that I was wearing at the high school that I attended. But it has been remodeled by God.


I will give that God better opinion if he gives this school uniform a cheat like a strong defense power or like physical ability enhancement but… it’s that God remodels, that is.


This thing is what you called short-run, bontan. (Tn: bontan is baggy pants.)


The pants are made big and spread gradually from the waist to the knees, and became thinner toward the ankle. Yeah, it’s daring. It’s called banana bontan, banabon in short.

(Tn: LOL he is more or less look like this I think.


This short-run is rather short, my belly button can be seen like this (even if I said like that, my belly button can’t be seen because of my shirt). When I wear all of this, yes I just like yankee desu.

That God sense of remodeling is truly disappointing.

(Tn: yankee is Japanese term for delinquent)


Fortunately, the shoes were not a loafer but a sports shoes. If it was leather shoes then it will be hard to move.


Well, I have a lot of tsukkomi to make, but for the time being, I need to confirm the situation now.


First I need to check my belonging. Trouser pocket, breast pocket, and inner pocket… there isn’t even one ball shining candy at all.


However, at the left hip, there are two swords were put on the belt.


At that space, even at japan, it’s not included but it seems the original scabbard is being sent as well. I appreciate it.

And what I think about the most is…


「Etto can you talk here?」


「Don’t worry. It seems I can speak in this world.」


「Oh! Yatta?! It was worthy to coming here alone! I can die now!」


「… Oioi, there’s no meaning for God if you die now. I also don’t want to rust and thrown away in such place like this.」


Oops, that’s right. I need to live long enough so my soul can engrave a lot of information. It’s okay actually, but I don’t want to leave my precious katana in the dangerous situation.


For now, let’s look at the surroundings. First of all, the sky.


「Yup, it’s blue. And there’s cloud as well. It’s like earth.」


For the time being, it seems it’s not night yet. In the first place I don’t even know if there’s a night or not but, something like the sun exists as well, if the star is spherical then it will also rotating and I will know if the night will short or not, but now I need to run and looking for a place before night is coming.


Somehow I think It will be bad if we do not go to a place where there are people lived.


Next is the surrounding. I try to look around at the surrounding and saw no one here. There’s no sight of a building and there’s no sight of town either.


At my back, there’s forest that I can’t overlook. My left and right are the grasslands and the height is up to my knee. There’s densely hill at the front but what is the incense stick at the top?


No, the scale is strange. Surely it’s because the distance is too far. I don’t know what is that long and narrow thing. Maybe it’s something like a building. If that’s true then this world construction technique is quite high.


Leaving that aside, where should I go? For now, the sun is still in a high position but I can’t be too optimistic. It will be dark when the sunset is over, I don’t know what kind of world this is, and furthermore, I don’t know what will appear.


Thief, military police, wild animal, or maybe even monster… for the time being, I want general knowledge about that.


「Do you know where the city is? Etto…Lovely katana(alias)」


It’s good that she can talk, but honestly, I don’t know what should I call her.


For now, I’ll try to call her lovely katana (alias).


「I probably know about the geography of this word.


Even so, it’s annoying every time you call me lovely katana. Right, after I can speak, I never properly introduced myself properly, it can’t be helped then.


I’ll properly introduce myself. My inscription is ‘Hotarumaru’ ja. It’s okay to call me Hotaru.」 (Tn: she talking like tomoe from tsuki ga michibiku isekai douchuu)


「Ah, that’s right. As I thought you have a name, it’s more like inscription though. Hotaru is a good inscription… right?」


Wa. Wait, wait for a minute onee san?


Just now, did she call herself Hotaru? She did right! Is it the Hotarumaru that was made at nanboku era and designated as a national treasure in 1931 but missing in the chaos of the end of the pacific war?

(Tn: don’t try to search it on google cause it’s waste of time. I already did it and what google show to me is Hotarumaru from touken ranbu. But if you found it please tell me.)


Why grandfather has it! Rather, you probably not from the end of the war right! What a guy! I mean, good Job! Grandfather!


For me to pick such a famous sword! Yosh, for now, let’s take a triumphant pose.


「Oi, it’s a bad place for you to immersed yourself in emotion, but for the time being introduce yourself master.」


Ah, surely I went to the warehouse every day but I never introduce myself to the katana there.


Speaking honestly, it’s natural thing to do.


「I certainly didn’t introduce myself, my name is Fujinomiya Soujirou.

I’ll be glad if you call me Soujirou」


「Soujirou ka. It’s good name ja. From now on Take care of me Soujirou」


「Take care of me too Hotaru san」


Un, as I thought, name is important. It feels our bond is deepened even more just by calling each other. For the time being because Hotaru san is older, I can’t call her without honorific for now.


By the way… I wonder if there’s a name for this kodachi.


「Nee, Hotaru san. I wonder if this child have a name or not」


「Maybe so… It maybe exists when it still in the production process, but maybe it’s already lost now.


It’s not 100 years old yet so it’s still young after all. It seems even in this world, it still can’t speak yet. So isn’t it better if Soujirou inscribed it?


If in case she become able to talk, then after that she can tell us her inscription, but honestly, I don’t know when it will happen, but I feel like she is very glad to be attached to Soujirou」


I see, I don’t know whether I’m still alive or not when she can start talking.


But even she can’t talk, she still can transmit her feelings properly… Un, It’s not misunderstanding because Hotaru san opinion is resembling mine after all.


「Yosh, then you are…」


What should I name it… if it’s katana then it should like Masamune or Muramasa but it should be a cute name after all.


This girl is a comrade who came from earth with me and Hotaru san. Maybe there will be similar ones in this world but it will not be pure Japanese katana, so the japanese name is okay I think.


Japan… Hinomaru… raising flag… entrance ceremony… is what I think. Oh yeah, it’s still spring in japan. Speaking of spring.


「… That’s right, Sakura! Let’s call her Sakura.


Hotaru san, Sakura and then me. It’s only 3 of us in this world for now but let’s do our best!」


It seems the kodachi that stuck at my waist feeling happy because of her inscription Sakura, joy feeling is being transmitted to me.


Un un, it feels satisfying, I mean what was I talking about?


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