Chapter 1 part 2


The Beginning Of Life In The Different World (Part 2)

「Soujirou is as simple as usual nou. Rather, do you have interest at something except katana? How about a woman ja?」


「Hotaru san. Even I’m like this, I still a healthy male high school student. Of course, I’m very interested about that! 」


Until now I still don’t have any chance for that, but obviously, I like ero very much. Rather, the desire for that seems to be stronger compared to my friends.


In the end, I couldnt do it back on earth because i died already, but it’s an extension game now. I don’t know if I can become more than a virgin or not, but if there’s a chance I’ll aim for it. Yes.

(Tn: Hahahaha!! I feel sorry for him now… Pfft… Hahahahaha!!!)


「Hou, it’s good then. If you are a boy then, of course, you need to be strong like that.

That’s obvious thing to do, but for now, you need to decide what to do in the meantime」


Ah, that’s right. Hotaru-san is really dependable. Her composure can make the mind calm and her reliability is also first rate.


Well, it’s as expected, if I remember correctly Hotarumaru is created in kamakura era before she is missing at nanboku era. It was created around 1350 AD so it’s almost 700 years old now. That’s why she said Sakura is still young because she is still 100 years old.


「For now, I need to move I guess, but… I wonder what should I do.

The only option is the opposite direction from forest I think.」


「Hoo, why?」


「Since I don’t have a common knowledge of this world, then that means I don’t know ecosystem of this star at all, so until I have the knowledge about it, we should avoid a place with bad visibility or a place where strange things are likely to settle.」


「I see. It’s easy if you properly think about it ja na.

In that case, you should try to go to that hill first. Your field of vision will spread out there so you can see what is going on」


「Un, okay then」


After all, I don’t know where I should go, what Hotaru-san says is reasonable and it is not a problem to do what she said. It’s not like I think about it as something bothersome after all.


And then I start walking toward the hill in front of me.


Hmm? Somehow the air feels good and my body feels light. So this is what they call freedom.


I wonder if I feel suffocating to much when I still live at earth


Even though there’s no problem with the level of daily life, but it’s too difficult to say.


I continue walking carefully while thinking about such a thing, I thought it should be a quite far, but unexpectedly I’m already at the hill.


At last, I’m at the top of the hill, then I try to look around once again.


When I turn my head, what I saw first with my eyes was the forest behind me, that makes me groan spontaneously because of its vastness.


「I’m glad not to enter it. It’s truly huge… like aokigahara」(Tn: it’s a good spot for a test of courage. Check it out


Once again I feel grateful for Hotaru-san advice while stroking my chest, and then I check the other part of the hill.


「Ah, there’s a road right there. if I follow the road then maybe I can see the town」


I try to think about it while checking the road again, the road at my left-hand side needs to go round the hill.

I see, I can’t see that place before because of the grass.


And then I trace the road at my right-hand side with my eye. Having done that, I realized the road was split up.


「Hnn? There is something… signboard, maybe? Perhaps if I see the sign, I will know the way then!」


It’s the first time to see things made by humans after I come here. I don’t know if it contains significant important information or not but I absolutely need to see that.


Next time I will make the decision without bothering Hotaru-san anymore. And then I go down from the hill and go toward the signs.


After I arrive, as expected it was a sign after all. There’s three board are piled and tied up on the stake.


『← Zachiru Tower District

Mikarea Town→

Watch out for thieves!                     』


That’s what written there. It seems I could read the strange character that I have never seen before without a problem.

This is the power from God!! …It’s really useful for survival sake.


「So it’s obviously right ja na」


Of course, I will not deny Hotaru-san suggestion. Somehow it would be interesting to go to the tower on the left but first of all, we need to go to a place where there are people for now, so I will endure it this time.


「The problem is how long it will be until you reach there…」


It’s already one hour after I start walking, but I still can’t see the town at all. I should be walking at a good pace now, but…

The sign certainly indicating the way through this road to go to the town. But, I completely didn’t know how far I need to go.


「If 2 days, 3 days, one week or so is the necessary distance, then I will certainly die」


「That’s right ja no. You are different than us who doesn’t need to eat, Soujirou is human after all.


Even if we go hunting in the forest, it’s as Soujirou said, we don’t know anything.


It will be bad if you eat strange thing as it is… it’s enough reason for not doing that」


「That’s right isn’t it… it’s too late to try that but I still have a strength for now, so I should go ahead and try going a lit bit more」


It has been more than one hour since I came to this world, the sun already a little bit sink. It still bright now, so it’s okay to go hunting, but considering all the danger it would be better to stop doing that today.


Frankly speaking, if it’s only one day, then I can do it somehow. It’s better to endure it until last minute and aim to go to the city despite entering the forest without knowing the risk.


Still, I’ll die if I’m not doing anything… and tomorrow the danger level will become quite high, so it’s better to reserve the energy, but I’ll consider hunting as last option. Of course, it’s only if we consider 1 day as 24 hours, it may be somewhat off depending on the situation.


Fortunately, the road continues drawing a right curve gently so as to wrap around the forest while keeping a reasonable distance from the forest. The forest will not be too far even if we continue walking like this.


Even so, no matter how I look at it, as expected, inside the forest isn’t safe I think.


Maybe the town is on the other side of the forest. Perhaps it will be faster if I go through the forest. However, there’s no way I could go through the forest.


As that sign said, there’s high possibility there are thieves lurking in there, and there will be a dangerous creature living there.


「Soujirou! I heard a scream! Run!」


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